Advantages of Using Referral Discounts to Buy Online Furniture

Shopping online gives customers more options. They can compare prices between multiple stores, which can help them find the best deal. They can also save money on shipping costs Furniture by ordering from multiple locations.

Rewarding customers for referring your business is integral to your referral program. However, it would be best to be careful when deciding what to offer.

For example, buying online can save you money if you’re looking for a new couch. But you should always compare prices, look at user-submitted photos, and read furniture reviews before purchasing. Also, make sure to check the retailer’s return policy. Some companies charge for returning furniture, which can be cost-prohibitive for some shoppers.

Many online retailers have low overhead costs, which allows them to offer lower prices than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. In a recent Consumer Reports (CR) study, walk-in buyers paid an average of $2,281 for a dining room table, while online shoppers paid just $961.

Shoppers can find discounts by signing up for a furniture website’s mailing list. Many sites email new subscribers a coupon just for joining. Other websites, like RetailMeNot, have comprehensive lists of current coupons. Incentives like these encourage repeat purchases, which can increase loyalty among customers. Some brands have a simple loyalty program that offers cash to the referral and the referred friend when they make their first purchase.

Furniture purchases are significant investments that can be costly to consumers, and a customer who finds your brand through a referral is more likely to remain loyal. This is because they know a trusted source is helping them out with the financial commitment. For example, some companies offer payment plans that make major pieces affordable for their customers while incentivizing them to pay off their loans quickly.

Referral discounts are a great way to drive repeat business for grocery stores, pet supply stores, and department stores, with many products requiring repeat purchases. These rewards come in the form of coupons, like that of Ashley Furniture, that the buyer can redeem at your store and are usually a percentage or a set dollar amount off of their next purchase.

However, it may be less effective for furniture brands to offer a discount reward, especially when their products have a long lifespan and are not intended to be used frequently. Instead, consider offering a cash reward, as many buyers appreciate this option more than a discount.

Online furniture shopping is more convenient than ever, thanks to retailers that provide multiple perks. Whether customers need fabric swatches, virtual design consulting, or free returns, these brands make it easy to find the right furniture for their homes. For more expensive purchases, some retailers offer payment plans that allow shoppers to pay for their furniture over time. This helps them spread out the cost of their purchase, which may help increase loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

It’s also essential for furniture retailers to have a stable e-commerce platform, great product photos, and comprehensive, up-to-date product information. This will ensure their products are available when potential customers search for them and will improve customer experiences, like finding the perfect piece of furniture quickly and easily. This includes offering click-and-collect options, as more and more e-commerce shoppers prefer them for convenience and security reasons.

When shopping for furniture, customers want to ensure their purchase is safe. Many online stores have built-in customer service options that make it easy to track shipments and ask questions about a product. Some even offer live chat, a handy feature that can help with urgent needs and keep shoppers calm about their order status.

Discounts are popular in referral programs and can come as a percentage or dollar amount off a one-time purchase. They can also reward repeat purchases, which helps brands build loyalty with return shoppers. 

Furniture can be expensive, and only some potential shoppers have the cash to drop all at once. To increase customer loyalty, some companies offer financing that allows buyers to pay off their purchases over time. This is especially helpful during flu season or other virus outbreaks. 

Regarding e-commerce, customer loyalty is a crucial ingredient to success. You must offer your customers an outstanding shopping experience at every stage — attracting them to your brand, engaging them with their products, and delighting them with stellar customer service after the sale.

Discounts are a powerful incentive that can help you increase your average order value. But they’re only as effective as your overall marketing strategy. Choosing the right incentives and delivering them at the right time will make all the difference.

For other brands, though, discounts may seem less valuable. If your product has a long lifespan or isn’t bought frequently (like engagement rings), you might want to try offering cash instead.