Lab Grown Diamonds Singapore: High-Quality and Sustainable

At present, the diamonds industry has made a significant shift towards sustainability and ethics. It is the rise of lab grown diamonds Singapore. As people are now getting responsible and conscious about the environment, lab grown diamonds have emerged as a high quality and sustainable alternative. Singapore has embraced these diamonds as a game changer in the jewelry industry.

In this post, we will explore the benefits of lab diamonds vs real diamonds and why they are becoming the preferred choice for consumers that are seeking ethical luxury. 

Similar properties 

Lab grown diamonds are created through a technological process that mimics the formation of natural diamonds in the Earth’s mantle. It has two primary methods- HPHT (High pressure high temperature) and CVD (Chemical vapor deposition). The lab grown diamonds Singapore possess the same chemical, physical and optical properties. It is indistinguishable to the naked eye. 

Top notch quality 

The lab grown diamonds offer a sustainable choice without needing to compromise on quality or beauty. In fact, most of the lab grown diamond claim higher clarity and colour grades than the mined diamonds. 

Lab grown diamonds are produced by expert guidance. So, they are mostly created with no imperfections resulting in stones of exceptional purity and brilliance.


The lab grown diamonds are more affordable than natural mined diamonds. They are produced in a controlled laboratory which includes no mining costs. 

The difference of lab diamonds vs real diamonds is that lab grown diamonds are cheaper but there is no compromise on the quality. On the contrary, natural diamonds are expensive but also sometimes the quality of the gem is not worth the price. 

Ethical diamonds 

The lab grown diamonds Singapore is ethical. There are no reports of ethical issues in lab grown pieces. 

Natural mined diamonds have been associated with issues like human rights abuses, forced labour, environmental damage and funding of conflicts. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are conflict-free. They are not linked to any armed conflicts or unethical practices. 

Environmental Impact

The diamond mining operation’s impact on the environment is a pressing concern. It includes land disruption, water consumption, deforestation and habitat disturbance. 

The lab grown diamonds have no such impact. They require fewer resources and less energy. Consumers can now be responsible towards the environment by choosing lab grown diamonds. 

Certification and Traceability 

The lab grown diamonds Singapore comes with certifications from reputable gemological laboratories. These certificates verify the diamonds origin, quality and authenticity. 

These diamonds are traceable as well. The consumer can track the entire journey of their diamond from its formation process in the laboratory to the final piece of jewellery.