What is the Difference Between CVD and HPHT Diamonds?

Cut, clarity and colour are the three main factors that determine the valuation of a diamond. In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences between CVD (Chemical Vapor deposition) VS HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature) diamond properties. Both CVD and HPHT diamonds have high transparency and excellent lustre, but these properties are achieved in different ways. There are many misconceptions regarding these two types of diamonds. For example, some people think that one is more valuable than the other. However, this is not necessarily true! Keep reading to find out more about these two types of natural diamonds…

What is a CVD Diamond?

CVD diamonds are lab-grown diamonds created under high pressure and temperature in a controlled environment using a carbon source such as graphite. They are often colourless and have excellent clarity, even higher than mined diamonds.

What is an HPHT Diamond?

HPHT stands for “High-Pressure High Temperature.” These diamonds are mined from the Earth’s surface, and are also known as “mined diamonds.” HPHT diamonds are naturally occurring diamonds. They are mined using traditional techniques such as digging and blasting to bring diamonds to the surface. HPHT diamonds are mined from the Earth’s crust, which is among the hardest substances on the planet. This makes it very difficult to extract diamonds from the ground without damaging them. HPHT diamonds are often seen with small cracks and inclusions, which occur during their growth. These are not flaws but are part of the natural process of growing diamonds deep within the crust. HPHT diamonds are usually very high in clarity and colour. Their appearance is often different from CVD diamonds which have incredibly high clarity. They are usually a little less clear, but still very high-quality diamonds.

The Differences Between CVD and HPHT Diamonds

CVD and HPHT diamonds have many similarities, but there are some key differences. CVD diamonds are usually smaller and have lower clarity than HPHT diamonds. They are usually less than 2 carats in size, whereas HPHT diamonds can be as large as 100 carats. However, this does not mean that HPHT diamonds are always more valuable. HPHT diamonds are also more likely to contain inclusions, which affect their value. CVD diamonds are extremely high in clarity and are often colourless. HPHT diamonds can also be very high in clarity, but they are less likely to be colourless. They are more likely to have some colour, such as light yellow, blue, brown or grey.

The Bottom Line

CVD and HPHT diamonds are two types of diamonds with unique properties. Between the two, CVD diamonds are usually smaller and less likely to be clear than HPHT diamonds. They are usually colourless, while HPHT diamonds can be a variety of different colours due to the presence of inclusions. HPHT diamonds are mined from the Earth’s surface, whereas CVD diamonds are created in controlled conditions in a lab. Between the two, CVD diamonds are usually smaller and less likely to be clear than HPHT diamonds.

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