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A Brief Guide to Modern High-Tech Outerwear Materials

In today’s fashion, modern country clothing has penetrated the different subgenres and aesthetics of streetwear. Back then, outdoor clothing is exclusive to those who enjoy mountain excursions such as camping, hunting, and hiking. In recent years, however, outdoor clothing has evolved into something that can be worn on a casual night out in the city. 

With demands for more versatile designs and colorways, famous clothing brands are expanding their collections to keep up with demands. Many well-established companies that specialize in outdoor clothing have also engineered fabric technologies that can cater to versatile applications. 

A jacket that looks stylish in the city can also be worn in extreme weather conditions during outdoor excursions. If you’re planning to pick out a new piece of outerwear but unsure of which type of material to buy, read on as we discuss the most dependable high-tech materials in modern country clothing and outdoor apparel.


You’ve probably noticed by now that Gore-Tex is one of the most common and reliable types of outdoor clothing materials. Though Gore-Tex was first introduced in 1969 it has evolved and improved into many different versions that can cater to various types of demands. Most modern country clothing and apparel that you would find today are made out of Gore-Tex simply for the material’s straightforward durability and breathability. 


If you’re looking for warmth and insulation without sacrificing breathability and comfort, then modern country clothing made from aerogel is for you. Considered as the thinnest, warmest, yet lightest insulating material in the world, aerogel was developed by NASA to keep astronauts warm in outer space. Today, they are one of the most common types of materials used for different types of outerwear. 


If you’re the type of person who loves to go on outdoor excursions rain or shine, then finding a nice waterproof should be at the top of your priorities. eVent is specifically designed to keep moisture and water without sacrificing breathability and comfort. Modern country clothing typically requires a layering system that can protect you in harsh weather conditions. 

Hydrophobic Down

Down jackets have been considered a winter staple ever since they were first introduced in 1940. However, down jackets have the disadvantage of losing insulating properties once exposed to moisture. Thankfully DownTek was able to engineer a hydrophobic down that does not come with its normal disadvantages. Modern country clothing that uses this type of hydrophobic down is highly moisture resistant and can stay warm 35 times more than the regular type of down jacket. 


Originally meant for tactical and military use, Spectra is made to be ten times stronger than steel. Though this might be the case, modern country clothing and outdoor apparel made of Spectra is highly lightweight and breathable. Today Spectra is used in different varieties of outerwear from jackets to gloves and even backpacks. 


Just like Gore-Tex, Pertex has become one of the most reliable materials for outdoor clothing ever since they were first invented in 1979. Modern country clothing and outerwear made of Pertex are highly breathable and wind resistant which is why they are perfect for any normal outdoor type of activity. The material has also gone through a series of improvements throughout the years and now remains a staple within the outdoor community.

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