A Brief Introduction To Reflex Incontinence

As you grow older, your nerves and muscles will lose their functionality. Therefore, you are likely to experience urine leakage without having the urge to urinate. Such an issue is usually referred to as reflex incontinence that occurs due to bladder spasms. Only then can you get a hold of incontinence products to help you deal with reflex incontinence.

In some cases, it might turn into a severe problem if you leave it undiagnosed. Indeed, it can be not very pleasant to talk about it, but you must do so.

The Meaning of Reflex Incontinence

Around 5 million Australians suffer from urinary incontinence, so you are not alone in this fight. An uncontrollable bladder can lead you to minimize social interactions and impact your daily life. There are various kinds of urinary incontinence that you may deal with as you grow older.

Reflex incontinence occurs when your bladder cannot control the storage of urine anymore. Therefore, the bladder will undergo involuntary spasms that will eventually lead to urinary leakage.

The involuntary reflex from the muscle spasms will lead to an unprecedented leakage anytime and anywhere. In reflex incontinence, you will not experience any urge to urinate. Instead, there will be leakage without your knowledge.

Usually, reflex incontinence occurs in men and women but is prevalent amongst people with neurological problems.

The Symptoms of Reflex Incontinence

It is not advised to self-diagnose yourself but visit a neurologist or urologist before taking any medication. If you are experiencing reflex incontinence, the urine will leak without any warning as soon as the bladder is full.

As mentioned earlier, you will not feel the urge to pee or even know that you are peeing.

It is usually shared amongst senile people having a neurological impairment. Moreover, the symptoms of reflex incontinence also include the inability to feel that your bladder is full. Your muscles will not send signals to your brain, so you cannot comprehend what is happening.

Without any warning, your genitals will start leaking urine, and your outfit will get drenched. That is why incontinence products can be helpful and refrain that embarrassing situation from happening.

What Can Cause Reflex Incontinence?

There are numerous reasons which can lead to reflex incontinence. As mentioned earlier, it is most prevalent in older adults dealing with neurological trauma.

So, if you have spinal cord injuries, you are likely to experience reflex incontinence down the line. It would be best to consult your doctor before trying to deal with the symptoms alone. Moreover, it can also happen if there is damage to your neural system due to prior surgical trauma.

Even if you have cancer and have undergone radiation therapy, you are likely to experience reflex incontinence. Underlying diseases like Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis can also lead to this issue.

If you have Parkinson’s, Dementia, or have had a heart stroke, you can experience this. Indeed, there are various treatments, but using incontinence products like adult diapers is the best way to deal with them.

The Bottom Line

Reflex incontinence is a common issue amongst older adults who have dealt with neurological problems or trauma. If you are experiencing urinary leakage without having the urge to pee, you probably have this issue. Therefore, you can use incontinence products to deal with this issue.

Even then, you must consult your doctor before finding a solution to reflex incontinence.