A Guide to 100 Days of Baja

The latest Mountain Dew summer promotion, appropriately titled “100 Days of Baja“, started on June 5, 2021. In addition to the annual return of the fan-favorite Baja Blast, there were some new additions: Baja Blast Zero Sugar, Baja Punch, and Baja Flash.

While many initially struggled to find the products in the store, the range of products has now spread across the country. Although product availability varies by store, these new dews are likely to be available at a store near you. (Check out the Mountain Dew Product Finder as well as the Baja Blast Megathread to find Baja near you!).

In addition to the new selection of drinks for the summer, there is an online competition with numerous prizes in competition style. To win a prize in 100 Days of Baja, you must either:

MTN DEW® Baja Blast

MTN DEW® Baja Blast Zero Sugar

MTN DEW® Baja Blast Baja Punch

MTN DEW® Baja Blast Baja Flash


Mtn Dew 100 Days of Baja Sweepstakes Code Request, P.O. Box 490, Southfield, MI 48037.

This will give you an e-mail list with 10 codes per entry sent, with a limit of one entry per postmarked day. In addition, starting August 28, 2021, fans can visit 100DaysOfBaja.com/no-purchase and enter a valid e-mail address to which 10 codes per account per day will be sent. They also guide everything about the codes. You can at some point be sent through e-mail entry lists or through Mountain Dew’s social media posts.

All of these prizes of 100 Days of Baja are available for instant winnings in the following quantities, with an approximate dollar value:

100 Baja Blast® Beach Corn Hole Game $ 89.99

100 Baja Blast® Longboard Skateboard and $ 50 Prepaid American Express Gift Card for Security Equipment $ 169.99

100 Baja Blast® GoPro HERO7 $ 199.99

200 JBL Charge 4 portable Bluetooth  speaker

500 Baja Blast® belt pouch € 7.99

500 Baja Blast® hammock € 19.99

500 Grizzly Grip Cup 20oz mug € 29.99

500 Grizzly 40qt cooler € 299.99

1000 Baja Blast® beach chair € 29.99

1300 Baja Blast® beach towel € 19.99

1300 Baja Blast® beach bag € 14.99

1300 Baja Blast® KOOZIE® jug cooler € 1.99

1300 Baja Blast® Crew Socks € 9.99

1300 Baja Blast® Beach Bucket Hat € 14.99

Unlike many previous Baja Blast promotions, the award process at 100 Days of Baja is a little different.

“100 prizes will win randomly for each day of the promotion in a campaign of 100 Days of Baja. For official purposes, a” day “is defined as a twenty-four (24) hour period beginning at 12:00 E.T. and ending at 11:59 PM PM: 59 pm E.T. Instant prizes will be available at random on each day of the Promotion Period In order to be a potential instant prize winner, a participant must play the game accurately by winning lucky as determined by the Sponsor and/or Administrator. requested.

Although the prizes will be awarded at random, some believe it is possible to skip. For example, if the 100 prizes were evenly distributed throughout the day (so that they were awarded at regular intervals over 24 hours), this would mean that the prize would be awarded every 14 minutes for 24 seconds. Of course, this is neither confirmed nor refuted and is only a hypothetical scenario.

I have tried to analyze the winnings myself, and the prizes seem really random. To Baja for you:

In addition to this selection of instant prizes, there is also a grand prize of $ 100,000 – the winner will be chosen on September 13, 2021.

After reviewing the comments and questions about the activity, I decided to create a list of frequently asked questions with answers:

Although the site clearly states that you are allowed to enter 10 codes per day, many users have found that there is a limit of five codes.

No, it is not; However, please note that you can only win one prize per day. This means that if you win a prize today, you will not be able to enter the codes until the next promotion day. There is also a price limit of 10 per account, and a household can have a maximum of five accounts.

More about this source text is required for more translation information.

 Can the codes be reused or shared?

No, they are for single use only.

How much time does it take to receive a prize?

6-8 weeks. Log in to UPS My Choice if you want to know when your product will be delivered. If these are previous promotions, this may give you an early indication of possible delivery on your behalf!

What if I don’t have a code under the cover?

You were unlucky – ha, of course, played! You can send a confirmation e-mail to:

What if I don’t want my code?

You must enter your codes. That is not the question. If you don’t want to, send them to me so I can get a possible prize, which I can review here on the blog 100 Days of Baja – from start to finish! But really, put in your codes and win something.

That is the essence of this activity. Feel free to comment on any of the questions below.

If you win a prize of 100 Days of Baja, please send me a screenshot! I plan to post a message of the winners soon so other fans can see how it is. If I win the prize myself, I will definitely document the process entirely.

In short mountain, the dew brings a fascinating prize, and it’s also fun. You have to grab Baja’s new label drinks to win exciting prizes.