A List Of Different Types Of Animals

A-List Of Different Types Of Animals is all around us such as cows, dogs, rabbits, etc. A human being is itself a social animal. Some animals are pets, which can we keep with ourselves in homes like cats and dogs. But some are wild animals that cannot be kept or live with us in homes, such as lions, elephants, and tigers. 

In the biological study,

all the animals belong to a kingdom Animalia as classified by Robert Whittaker. They are multicellular and are eukaryotes. The term given to the animals is locomotive which means,  they can move. They can reproduce and they are heterotrophic which means they can’t prepare their food by their selves. The study of these all animals is called Zoology which has many further branches.

Mammals are animals having mammary glands of their female and feed their young through milk. They are the vertebrate. Apart from the mammary glands, many other features distinguish it from other types of animals. The other feature of mammals is that they have fur on their bodies. Mammals consist of three bone ears that transmit sound waves. Therefore, the other difference is a muscular diaphragm. Due to which the heart and lungs have separated from the abdominal cavity. A-List Of Different Types Of Animals

Mammals lack a nucleus in RBCs and persist left aortic arch. So, All these features are included in human beings as well so the human being are also mammals. Here is the list of some mammal animal,






The classification of birds involves their physical characteristics and their genetic makeup which is taxonomy.  As the second step of classification for the kingdom is phylum and then class. So the phylum and class of birds are Chordata and Aves respectively. Approximately there are more than 10, 400 birds.

They consist of warm-blooded vertebrate and have a four-chambered heart as mammals but the best feature by which their information rely upon is keen of vision which makes it unique from other animals. So, The auditory range of birds has limited and the sense of smell is not developing. 1000 plus birds are extinct as identified from their fossils. Some of the birds are also below,


Diurnal birds

Water fowls birds

Kiwis birds

Hornbills birds

So, The group of vertebrate animals that breathe in the air is reptiles. According to the research,  there are approximately 8, 700 species of reptiles. Furthermore, Few reptiles are endothermic having warm-blood, and mostly are cold-blood and is ectothermic. A lizard is a reptile, it helps the human by making the insects their food in homes and clean the homes from insects.

Some of the reptiles are the following





The word Amphibian is derived from the Greek word amphibious which means double life living. So, The group of animals present in the amphibian is living in both water and land.  81, 000 amphibian species are on the list. During their evolution,  they were the earliest ancestral fish tetrapod diverging group. A-List Of Different Types Of Animals.

 The skin of the amphibians is moist, thin, and soft. Its skin allows the liquid and gas to pass out through its body. So, It is base on two reason that is,

the skin allows the amphibians to breathe easily and most excretion occurs through the skin.

Some Amphibians are also enlisted below,



Tree frog

So, Approximately more than 34, 000 species of fish are found in salt and fresh water. Therefore, The phylum of fish is also Chordata so most of its features are the same as other vertebrates. In the period of Silurian,  the first fish having jaws appears.  The fish are ectothermic having a cold-blooded body. Through acoustic communication,

they can communicate with each other.

The fins of fish help the fish to move the balance in the water. So, For breathing under the water,  the fish is blessed with an organ which is Gills,

through this organ the fish breathe. It is located behind the head. Water is moving towards the gills,  the gills filter oxygen from water, inhale it and push the water. Another organ for fish is the Swim bladder or Air bladder. Therefore, When fish want to move up or down so the air bladder is filled with air and hence fish maintain their movement.

Some types of fish are mentioned below,



Tuna catfish

Fresh cod

The animal has several types as mentioned above which have different characteristics,  habitats and physical features,  such as mammals have fur on their bodies and feed their babies with milk. Mammals include monkeys and cats etc. Birds have a keen vision which is a source of information for them. Birds include hummingbirds and Kiwis birds. Amphibians live both in water and land,  due to which it is said,  a double life living. So, Amphibians include toads and frogs, etc.