Alcohol Addiction – The Destroyer of Happiness

Have you ever wondered, while looking at the drink in your hand, where it came from, and how did drinking become a social norm at parties and get-togethers? Humans have been drinking alcohol for a long, long time. It’s just now that alcoholism has taken on a pandemic form. Alcohol Addiction is harmful to the body and mind.

Research on early Egyptian civilization hints at the presence of fermented beverages, Indians drank a fermented rice drink called ‘sura’ around 3000-2000 B.C., while the Babylonians worshipped a wine goddess in 2700 B.C. The Greeks drank mead, made from honey and water, and its literature warns of excessive alcohol consumption.

As we can see, alcohol, in the form of fermented drinks, has been around for thousands of years. Gradually these gave way to ‘spirits’ and more and more varieties of liquor started being made. All of this paved the way for alcoholism and thus sprang the need for alcohol addiction treatment.

In earlier times, people drank mostly to celebrate. It was the norm at parties and feasts, and almost everyone drank – from the richest to the poorest.

Nowadays, we can attribute the rising cases of alcoholism to several factors. Some of these are:               

  • Past experiences – some people associate drinking with their past experiences. If they had positive experiences, they want to drink more to experience them once again. However, in cases of alcohol addiction, that is rarely the case. Most addicts at the South Carolina drug rehab say that once they drank, they became uninhibited and wanton and had poor experiences which led them to enter the rehab to rid themselves of the addiction.
  • Stress – the crazy life of today is riddled with anxieties and tensions of myriad kinds. It is a dog-eat-dog world out there and most people are afflicted with stress-related issues almost throughout the day. To relieve themselves of the constant toll stress takes on them, they turn to alcohol. While it does give them monetary relief, soon they find themselves ringing up an alcohol addiction hotline as gradually alcohol takes over every facet of their life and destroys it inside-out.
  • Societal pressure – weird as it may sound, most people who have been drinking since their teens say they did it to rebel against the set societal norms and to gel with their ‘cooler’ counterparts. There is a kind of strong peer pressure in almost all age groups to fit in, and most young groups want to stand out by thumbing their nose at the establishment. And what better way to do that than by drinking oneself into oblivion. But soon they find themselves unable to escape the jaws of the deadly drink and seek sanctuary at a drug rehab, where they can be sure of gaining sobriety with the help of the trained medical staff.

Alcohol addiction is bad in all ways – there is simply nothing good about it. If you or anyone you know suffers from it, visit daylight detox today for a solution