All you need to know about T-shirts

T-shirts are perfect for everyday wear and you need them in every season! This summer, style away your t-shirts like never before. Most men think that it is easy to style t-shirts but it is as complicated as it does not sound because tees are an everyday staple and you have to find ways to ensure that you can style them easily in different ways.

You can find a great variety oft-shirts for men in Pakistan; you can find solid colored tees, as well as printed t-shirts with graphic details easily. Before jumping on the bandwagon, let’s just first explore different factors that you should consider before buying tees for yourself!

Body Type

 We all want to look our best selves when we dress up, and since a t-shirt is an everyday staple you want to look dapper. Every person has a different body type, from skinny, and lean to oval and triangle. To look the best, you can try to avoid wearing the tight-fitted t-shirt if you have extra weight on the stomach side. There are different options to choose from such as an oversized t-shirt for men or a regular fit.

So, initially learn about your body type and choose the right tee for yourself accordingly.

The Neck Style

When we talk about t-shirts for men, there are types of necks, crew necks, and v-shaped necks.

If you have an athletic body, then a V-neck t-shirt is for you! A V-neck t-shirt is perfect for anyone with a narrow face or short neck- as it creates a balance with your overall look. If you are not a gym freak then crew neck t-shirts are for you! They look good on a skinny body y exposing less of your neck.

The Fabric

The fabric of the t-shirt plays a crucial role whenever you are buying a t-shirt.  You will automatically look amazing in a t-shirt with the right and amazing material. It is always recommended to check the fabric of the t-shirt before buying it, and in case you are purchasing it online – all you have to do is check the material info, it should be 100% cotton or poly-blend.

Now, let’s head over to different ways you can style your tees


It is one of the most amazing combinations; pair your favorite tee with your favorite shorts! You can choose different types of shorts, denim shorts or casual cotton shorts.

Denim Pants

This is one of the most widely worn combinations that you can spot men wearing. There are different types of fits that you can wear your t-shirts with, such as straight-fit, skinny jeans, regular fit jeans, and many more.

Jogger Pants

If you are looking for a casual and amazing combination then this is for you! Whether you are running errands or just lounging then just pair your favorite printed t-shirt or solid tee with your favorite jogger pants.

Denim Jacket

You can wear your t-shirt with a denim jacket for an on-duty look! Denim jackets are the perfect add-on to complete your look! One of the widely worn t-shirts is a white crew neck shirt that mostly men pair together!

Add accessories

You can level up your casual t-shirt with accessories such as caps, necklaces, or bracelets. These accessories automatically add class to the complete look! So, get your hands on the best men’s accessories and get ready to stand out in the crowd.

We hope you are sorted for your next t-shirt shopping! Follow the above-mentioned tips and get your hands on the best tees in town!