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Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 is a popular map in CS: GO. It is favored by players due to its simplicity and balance. Let’s now look at some of the best places to throw grenades at your opponents.

These five locations are where you’re more likely to win matches and eliminate enemies if the grenades are timed well.

From The Spawn. Gaming Deals Too Good to Miss.

Skylight, A Site. Skylight, A Site. This is a good spot to use if your team wants to commit.

CT Spawn.

The Cross.

Clear New Car

From Mid-A Site.

B Site.

Lower Tunnels.

The Back Platform

Short Stairs *


Smoking Cross

Dust 2 is the most balanced map in the game, which is why it is so popular. Although it can be repetitive at times, it is great for learning basic skills in CS: GO such as jumps, movement, and aim technique.

Dust II is a videogame map that Counter-Strike features in its first-person shooter series. According to Jess Cliffe (co-designer of Counter-Strike), the map is set in a dusty area based in Morocco. Dust 2 is the most popular and best-known game. It’s important to know every corner and angle.

Dust 2 is the most popular and well-known CS GO map. It’s important to know every corner and angle. It is crucial to know where to place a bomb in a round, or at a 1v1 bombsite. Grenades can clear corners and doors, or net a lucky kill if they are placed in a well-known hiding place. This FPS requires smoke grenades as well as frag grenades. They provide cover and allow for quick pushes, which will set up the team for success on Dust 2 of CS: GO.

Dust 2 has a few helpful grenade locations. Each location requires you to line up with a particular landmark, place the crosshair correctly and launch the grenade.

The CT side will often place a player in a middle section. They can quickly get to the area they are being hit to help. To stop pushes, B Door is usually within their line of sight. After positioning themselves near the door, players can see the ceiling from the upper tunnels. Throw a piece of smoke in the ceiling gap and it will block the CT player’s view.

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This is a great smoke location that allows teams to work together. One or two players from the opposing team will likely be watching this entry point and are ready to shoot on site. Pass the long doors and get the smoke grenade. Start running towards Long A by aiming at the crosswalk edge. Jump, throw the smoke, and continue moving with lots of covers.

The Xbox smoke is the most famous grenade spot in CS: GO Dust 2. This is used by terrorist teams when they want to push or play close to the middle of the map. After passing the T-sidespawn, approach Long from the outside and go into the first corner. Place the crosshair at the building’s edge. Jump up and throw the grenade. The AWPer will exhale and the grenade will land on top of Xbox.

It’s not always about smoke grenades. Flash at A Long can use to blind your enemies and allow them to push in, taking them down without affecting their vision of the future. Take a look outside of A Long, and aim for the top of the wall above the car. Jump, throw the flash and run through the doors to capture any enemies who are not paying attention.

New Car spot users hold the early rounds of a round, and after all, bombs have drop. This can use to push the opponent or as a flank to prevent a hold after the bombs to be plant.

Standing on the barrel near the Long Doors location. Throw a frag or a Molotov above the Salon sign. The frag will expose everyone there and the Molotov can set the area ablaze, either burning them or forcing them to move.

CS: GO players will find their current location in the top right of the screen, just above the minimap. Lower Tunnel is the final spot for this grenade. When looking up, align the crosshair with the building under the streetlight. Throw a smoke, flash, or frag. Anyone running or hiding on the other side of the border will be caught. They will be rendered blind or have their vision distorted. This allows the thrower to move in and take over that spot.

Counter-Terrorists can spawn under the roofed section of the catwalk. They can choose to go directly to the bomb sites to defend Terrorists who are coming from the catwalk, or they can pass through the middle doors to defend the bombsites from terrorists who are coming from the Tunnels.

 There are many tricks through which you can win the CS: GO game, some of them are as follows:

  • Contact all team members and reach the same point together from different routes, so that you can defeat your enemy from all sides.
  • Use the Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 maps to explode in the right place, the slightest mistake can lead to your defeat, and the best selection of points to attack can make you a winner. Any kind of haste can be dangerous for you so be polite and take action only when needed.
  • See all the previous tutorials on this game, so that you can improve your skills and may increase the chances of your victory.
  • Perfect pushes in the dust 2 map can increase the chances of your victory.
  • If you want to win, firstly, you must check every corner and side, so that you can find out where your enemies are hiding. In this way, you can save yourself from the attack of the opponent team.
  • Check that you do not move the same corner over and over again, this can be dangerous for you, so do not do it and save your time.