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In the Desire movie trade, you get a huge amount of collections from old movies to new movies. Desire movies is a very popular movie download site, there are many sites for movie download, but out of all these, desire movie is quite popular.

In the Desire movie trade, you get a collection of all movies south, Punjabi, Hollywood, Bollywood. From here, you can download your favorite movies. In this, you also get to see Bhojpuri movies which are becoming quite popular in the present time.

Apart from downloading movies, this site also provides you the facility to download TV serials, web series, etc. The content found on the Desire movie trade is copyright-free, which you can take in abundance. Also, you can download movies of HD quality.

How to Download Movies from Desired Movies Trade.

Desire Movies is a movies download website by visiting where you can easily download your favorite movies for free. Today we will tell you how you can download the latest movies of 2021 by going to Desire Movies Trade.

Since desire movie trade is a pirated website, you need a VPN (Virtual private network) to use it helps a lot.

Now you have to follow some steps after which you can easily download movies and tv serials.

  • First of all, by clicking on the active link of Desire Movies, go to the website of Desire Movie.
  • Now choose the category of whichever type of movie you want to download. Suppose you want to download Bollywood movies, then go to the homepage and select that category.
  • Now a link to the desired movie. trade will appear in front of you. Click on that link.
  • Now an option will open in front of you that desire movie in Hindi. Then you have to click on that option and click on the download option.
  • Now there is an ad in front of you, or you have to cut the ad, the process of your movie download will start.
  • After the download is complete, the movie will be saved on your device or system.

Desire Movie Trade and Movies Categories in 2021

There are many types of movies available on the Desire movie trade in 2021 like Bhojpuri, Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, south, or there are many other types of categories.

Apart from movies, there are also TV serials and web series here as well as WWE fighting.

The content is uploaded on the website, keeping in mind all the wishes of the viewers. New content and old content are found on all types of content or.

Desire Movie Trade Live Link 2021

Desire Movies, being a pirated website, keeps on changing its domain constantly because due to illegally providing links, the government blocks their domain, due to which they have to make new domain changes.

Today we will tell you about some active links of desired movies in 2021 because these links are made in some difficult way, due to which it becomes very difficult for the users to identify these links. But we have tried to explain to you very easily through a table.

desire movies.space

desire movies.uni

desire movies.uno

desire movies.store

desire movies.south

desire movies.live

desire movies.site

desire movies.trade

desire movies.world

desire movies.bar

Since Desire Movies is an illegal website, there is a high risk of cybercrime. In view of this danger, the domain is blocked by the security team, due to which it has to change its links as well.

The desired movie trade does the job of copying whenever a new movie comes, which is an illegal method, due to which it is kept in the category of the website for uploading pirated content.

Desire Movie Trade Formats

In DesireMovie Trade, you get the option of many formats. You can download the movie in that format, but below, we are showing some formats from which you can download the movie in HD quality.

  • 180p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • Blu Ray
  • Hevc

Desire Movie Website and Benefits

  • Desire movies website provides you the option of downloading movies in a very easy way. It has many benefits.
  • Regular and latest movies update is done on the Desire movies website.
  • In this, you also get the option of fast download, which also saves your time.
  • In this, you can also download your favorite movie by selecting it because, in this, you also get the option of the search bar.
  • All the movies found on it are of HD quality which is up to 1080 quality.
  • Dubbing of English movies is also available in Hindi movies.

Desire Movie Legal Alternatives

There are some legal options of this website about which we need to know.

All the methods mentioned above are legal because all the methods provide you with movies on a subscription basis. If you download or watch any movie etc., through these, then you do not need any kind of VPN.

DesireMovie also has many alternative websites that provide you with movies in an illegal way. This website, when any latest movie comes, copies it and sends it to its viewers.

Desire Movie Trade Illegal Alternatives

Apart from Desire movie, you will also find some such website which is similar to it, we are telling you

All the websites mentioned above are similar to this website which provides you movies and serials by copying. That’s why it comes under the category of all pirated websites. You cannot use them without the help of a VPN. If you use them without a VPN, then there may be a problem for you.

Disadvantages of Desire Movie Trade

Just as this website is benefiting us by giving us free content, on the other hand, it has many disadvantages. We will tell you what these disadvantages are

  • As we all know that this is a pirated website. Which copies the original content of whatever latest movie comes.

Leaks it, as in our Indian law, watching and downloading pirated movies is considered a legal offense under which you can be arrested and sentenced to 2-3 years.

  • Police can arrest both the leaker of such content and the one who downloads such content. It is considered illegal under Indian law. Because movie production companies and serial producer companies make movies or serials by spending a lot of money, some people cheat them by linking them, which is a punishable offense.
  • There is also a great danger to your privacy on this website that in this, all your data goes to the website, and your data is misused.
  • There are many ad shows on this website. If you click on this ad by mistake, the virus comes on the system, due to which your phone can also get damaged as well as all the data of your phone gets consumed in the ad.
  • There is no trace of the owner of such illegal websites, if there is an incident like cybercrime of any kind, then it is not the owner but only the visitors that get caught, so our suggestion is that you stay away from this type of website. Stay.

Is the Desired Movie Trade Safe or Not?

Whatever is against Indian law, it can never be safe. Never visit you in it.

Because this website leaks the original data, which is illegal work, and whoever is involved in illegal work is also considered guilty, so we request that you stay away from this kind of illegal website because it will destroy your personal data. You are also in danger as well as you can also go to jail in case of legal offense.


Websites like the Desire movie trade promote piracy, which is a legal offense, and the government has taken strict steps against them. At present, many websites promoting piracy have been banned.

At the end of the article, I will say that except for such illegal websites, download movies only from legal websites.

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