How often should I have to inspect my tyres?

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Tyres are one of the main accessories of your vehicle, helping it move and get you to different places.

Tyres consist of rubber and synthetic rubber which can also be regarded as plastic polymer. This rubber formula acts as a solid grip tool of the tyre with the road. Helping move your vehicle in the right direction it’s always best to keep regularly checking your tyres as damaged tyres are a risk to life.

Here are 4 causes that damage your tyres

  1. Overload on the vehicle: Big vehicles are designed to carry and store more load on them. This creates a direct road on the tyres of the vehicle bearing the load and moving constantly this creates huge pressure on the tyres allowing them to loose grip and air from within. So always make sure to inspect your vehicle tyres regularly if you’re a heavy loader.
  • Driving Very Fast: Tyres are made up of rubber and synthetic plastic, these elements help the tire hold a tight grip on the ground. When the vehicle is driven too mast this cause faster rotation of the tyre allowing it to erode its grip. Its best suggested to change your tyres regularly if you’re a person who loves driving at top speeds.

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  • Tyre Alignment: The tyre should be properly aligned with the vehicle, it’s important to keep a check the alignment of vehicle with tyre as a minor difference can lead to tyre damage as well as incontinence while driving. So if you’re going out for a long trip in your vehicle, please make sure to check the tyre alignment.
  • Tyre Air Pressure: Tyres are filled with air pressure within, which helps keep them full and rotate properly. If your tyre has low air pressure, this causes problem in rotation and more pressure on the vehicle engine, resulting more consumption of energy.

Normal tyre air pressure should be between 32 psi to 35 psi, so always make sure to inspect the tyre pressure of your vehicle before you make a move.

Tyre Shop In Dubai

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