How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

How to delete Instagram account Having more than 1 billion active users, Instagram counts as the second-largest social app after Facebook. Instagram is working under the terms and conditions of Facebook and there are lots of features that are related to Facebook. But it is an amazing fact that the engagement rate of Instagram is more than that of Facebook. We discuss how to delete the Instagram account permanently in detail.

There is no doubt that Instagram is the best social app for personal life, but the most use of Instagram is for the business community.  And more than half of users of Instagram are using their accounts for their business purposes. However, having multiple advantages, there are some situations in which it is important to delete your Instagram account. There are several types of deleting your Instagram accounts like you can delete them permanently. But in some situations, you can delete your account temporarily and can use it again, when you need it. People want to know how to delete Instagram accounts permanently.

Instagram account is the best place through that you can save your data. When you will delete your Instagram account then all your data even it is commented, likes or any data will be deleted. So, you should save your data before deleting your Instagram account. For this purpose, it is important to read our article, because in this article we will tell you that how you can save your data. If you will ignore your data then it is very difficult for you if you want to change your mind about using Instagram.

After deleting your Instagram account, you can create another account with the same username and other data. But you will need to start from the beginning and you cannot recover your old data. Here are some easy steps that are important for saving your data.

1. Open your Instagram account and then press on the profile icon that will be on the lower side of your Instagram account.

2. On the screen of your Instagram accounts, on the top right side, there will be three vertical lines. When you will press on these vertical lines, then you will find the option of settings.

3. After pressing on the settings menu, there will appear another option of security. When you will press on it, you will find the “Download Data” which will be at the end of the options.

4. There will be a space option for entering your email address. After entering fulfilling this option, at the below, there will be an option of request download.

When you will pass all these options, then in 2 days, you will get an email message on your provided account. This email message will be consist of all your data that is saved in your Instagram account. Comments, files, pictures as well as likes are also included in your data. So before deleting your account permanently, you should save your data. Because you may need this data in the future. However, if you think that there will be no need for this data, then it is not important to save your data.

If you are asking that, how to delete your Instagram account permanently? Then it looks different because there are unlimited advantages of using Instagram accounts for your personal as well as business life. Due to its advantages, Instagram is the second-last largest using the app. Then it will be difficult for any user to delete their old account. However, there are some situations in which it is a good idea to delete your Instagram account. Some main causes of account deleting are mention below.

1.         If you are in doubt about your data, then you should delete your account.

2.         If you are facing problems while using your Instagram account, then the best thing is to delete your account.

3.         If you are a busy person and you cannot give much time to your Instagram account, then delete it.

4.         If you want to create another account, then it is best to delete your old Instagram account.

5.         If you are facing any private issues while using the Instagram account, then you are right to delete your Instagram account.

As we discussed above, the two types of deleting your Instagram account are permanently deleted as well as temporary delete. Here we will discuss that how to delete an Instagram account permanently?

1.         You will need to log in to your Instagram accounts on your device. As you know that you can use any type of device for your Instagram account, so there is no issue with using the device for deleting your account. If you are using mobile devices for deleting your account, then you can do it on a mobile web browser.

2.         After login, you will need to seek the page of deleting your account. For this purpose, it is important to click on the option of “My Account”. When you will click on it, then there will be some options then you will need to choose the page “Delete your account”.

3.         If you want to get the service of account deleting, then it is important to tell the reason that why you want to delete your account? Because there are thousands of people who are starting to use Instagram accounts as a daily routine. So, you cannot delete your account, if there is no valid reason. If you are facing any problem and there is any other reason for deleting your account, then you will mention it in this segment.

4.         When you have selected the reason due to that you are deleting your Instagram account, then there will be the option of permanently delete your account. When you will press on it, your account will be gone for always and then it is not possible to recover it again.

It should keep in mind that if you want to delete your account, you will need to enter the password that you used for login. If you are not remembering your password, then it is not possible to delete your account. Due to this reason, we suggest our clients buy Instagram PVA accounts from us. Because when you will use phone verified accounts, then you can easily access your password through mobile verification.