How to Gain Extra Money When Your Workforce Is Overstretched

Although finding that your order book is very thin on the ground is stressful, finding that it is so crammed packed with orders can be just as intimidating, especially when you only have a small team of people, or your business just isn’t used to the sheer influx of work. However, there are ways in which you can manage this scenario and still gain extra money which is available to you without losing total control of your quality, scheduling, or deadlines.

The majority of businesses will automatically hire some temporary staff to bridge the gaps in their workforce until the rush has calmed down and, although this approach works for some businesses, most businesses seem to overlook some very important issues that hiring temporary staff can cause.

You will have to take additional time to train these people and if you don’t, dealing with their mistakes or teething problems could be costly. There is no guarantee that these people will hang around for the entirety of the time that you will require their services, meaning that you will have to go through the issue of going through the process again.

Using professional outsourcing services is different from hiring temporary staff in the fact that you will be paying them for the project that they are involved in, and you will likely be given a quote for how much this is going to cost your business upfront. If you select the outsourcing businesses correctly, you will not have to provide any additional training and, as such, nor are you likely to find yourself suddenly without that professional due to them finding employment elsewhere.

If you find that your shipping department is struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of freight shipping that needs to be carried out then there is the option to use load boarding facilities on sites such as These sites are not only there for when you need to take on extra shipping work but are also there for you to advertise loads that you wish to get shipped that perhaps your shipping vehicles do not have room for.

You can, of course, offer the extra hours of work that need to be completed to get your order book back on track to your existing employees in the form of overtime. You may very well find that your workforce is more than happy to fill this need, especially if you pay them a premium for their extra hours of work. This can be highly beneficial for both parties and even more so than hiring temporary staff as you will not have to perform additional training, your existing employees will be able to concentrate on their work without having to watch over a new worker, and you will be confident in the quality of product or service that your employee will provide to your customer.