How to have cute nails

Do you want to have cute nails that are not easily broken? If you’re tired of having them short or broken, it’s time to make a transformation. Their correct care comes first, and then you can give them a little more glamor by letting them grow and doing a manicure at home. If you want your nails to go from embarrassing to amazingly cute, go to step 1.


Let’s your nails grow

Stop biting your cute nails. You tear them when you bite into them, which weakens them down to the nail bed. Saliva from the mouth also softens them, making them more likely to break. Biting your cute nails is a hard habit to break, but it’s an important first step to having beautiful nails!

  • You can buy products that prevent you from biting them by giving them a strange taste.
    • Reward yourself for a job well done by giving yourself an amazing manicure when you’ve grown them out for weeks without biting them.

Try not to use your nails as tools. Do you tend to use your fingernails to scrape stickers off bottles, open cans, or other chores? This puts pressure on them and causes them to crack and become weaker. While it’s impossible to completely stop using them as a tool (after all, that’s why we have them!), being more aware of how you’re using them can help you not leave them in the dust. 

Avoid scratching the polish off the surface of your nails. If you tend to scratch your nail polish, please stop. This tears away the surface of the nails, leaving them more brittle and prone to breaking. When you’re done with your manicure, gently remove the polish. You will notice a big difference.

Do not use abrasive products on them. If your nails are naturally prone to breaking, applying abrasive products to them will make things much worse. An alternative to abrasive polishes is water-based polishes, which use water as a base instead of drying chemicals.

  • Dishwashing liquid and other detergents can be harsh on cute nails. Wear gloves when you clean your house or do the dishes.
    • Use a moisturizing hand soap to wash your hands.

Apply cream or oil to your hands and nails. To combat dryness, regularly apply a cream or oil to your hands  These will protect them from drying chemicals and extreme temperatures that often cause damage. You can also use vitamin nail strengtheners. Avoid using mineral or baby oil, which just coats them instead of moisturizing them.

  • If you work outdoors, it is very important that you use cream. Protecting your hands and cute nails with gloves or mittens will also be a great help.

Eat nutritious food. If your diet lacks certain nutrients, it will show in your nails. It can make them look dry, stretch marks, or even spots, which will cause them to break more than usual. The solution? Eat plenty of foods that contain the vitamins and minerals your body needs to grow healthy nails. As an added bonus, the same foods will work wonders for your hair too.

  • Eat plenty of protein, as this is the building block of cute nails. Some good sources of protein are fish, chicken, pork, spinach, and beans.
    • Also, eat foods rich in calcium.

Method two

Maintain the good condition of your nails

Cut your cute nails regularly. After a few weeks, the nails must be cut with nail clippers or special scissors. If you’re going to grow them out, be sure to file the edges once a week to prevent cracks from forming.

  • Don’t cut them too short. Leave at least a little of the whitish part. This will make them grow stronger, and the manicure will come out much prettier.

File them off. Use a file to smooth the rough parts of the nail tips. Just do it in one direction using light movements. Try not to make them too round because it puts you at risk of getting ingrown toenails! Glass files cause less damage than sandpaper files, which are rougher. 

  • Don’t file them down by moving back and forth. This movement weakens them and tears the fibers. Instead, file them in one direction and try not to apply too much pressure.

Soak them. This will soften them so you can push back the cuticles and file them down. Soak them in warm water. If you want, you can add a little oil to help soften the nails and cuticles. Try not to do this too often, as wet nails expand and shrink as they dry, causing cracks to form over time.

Make them shine. Use a buffer to buff the surface of your cute nails. Start with the coarsest part of the polisher, then move on to the finer part. Your nails will be shiny when you’re done.

Push back cuticles. Use a cuticle pusher to gently push cuticles back into the nail beds. Don’t push them too hard, and try not to break or tear them. Never cut them with a cuticle nipper, as this will leave an open wound at the base of the nails, leaving them more susceptible to infection. 

Keep keeping them in good condition. When your nails are the length you want, just file or trim them from time to time to keep their shape and prevent them from growing too long.


Paint your nails

  1. Start with a base coat. Buy a bottle of clear or natural polish and paint each nail with one coat. Another option, if you have weak, brittle, or brittle nails, you can use a nail strengthener instead of clear polish. Let it dry completely before continuing.

Paint your nails with polish. Choose the color of nail polish you want and carefully apply it to each nail. Using the correct painting technique will help your nails look professional. You have to do it as follows:

  • Put the brush in the bottle and pass it through the opening so that you have a drop of nail polish at the end of the brush. Excess polish will make a mess.
    • Make a vertical brush stroke in the middle of the first nail, which is usually the thumbnail. Start at the base and work your way to the tip.
    • Continue with the rest of the nails until they are all painted.

Could you give them a second coat? Depending on the color of polish you used, we recommend applying a second coat to make it look completely opaque. Make sure the first coat is completely dry first.

Apply a top coat to them. After the polish is completely dry, apply a clear topcoat. This will seal the manicure so that it won’t chip for weeks.

Take your polish off when it’s time to do so. When the polish starts to chip away with no hope of touch-up, use a nail polish remover to remove it. Make sure the product does not contain acetone and is very mild. Instead of acetone, look for one that contains ethyl acetate. You will damage your cute nails.

  • It is advisable to let the nails rest after removing the polish. Wait 1-2 weeks before repainting them.

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