Huawei has Launched Next-Image Photo Campaign 2021

Huawei – the world’s third-largest smartphone maker and second largest telecoms equipment producer – launched their latest campaign, Next-image. The company has been struggling to maintain its position in China and Europe due to competition from Apple and Samsung, respectively. Huawei’s Next Image campaign is intended to highlight its strengths: a focus on customer experience, as well as its commitment to sustainability. Huawei hopes that it will be able to regain lost ground in both markets.

Huawei is a household name when it comes to electronics. The company has launched their new Huawei Next-image campaign which is all about image competition. This blog post will discuss how this new campaign is going to be different from any other in the past and what we can expect from them in the future.

The Huawei NEXT-IMAGE campaign is a photography competition that challenges users to create captivating photos and videos. The theme of this year’s awards, “Better Together,” invites people from around the world with their smartphones for new adventures in exploring what we can do together through technology! This celebration will give participants up to $10K cash prizes as well as 70 amazing prizes including first dibs on purchasing some hot phones like HUAWEI P50 or DESIGN FOR EVERY DAY E01.

This event means so much not only because it provides great opportunities but also showcases creativity by challenging those who love taking pictures/videos more than anything else

The Next-Image competition, with over 2 million entries since 2017, is set to light up for a fifth consecutive year. With an easy entry mechanic and 70 chances at winning the NEXT-IMAGE Awards – amateur or professional smartphone photographers from across the world are sure not to miss this one!

You can participate if you own or use a Huawei/HONOR smartphone anywhere in the world. Submissions that have won an award or been published by a public publication will not be accepted.

Grand prize winners (3)

NEXT-IMAGE creation fund of US$10,000

HUAWEI latest models (8 GB+256 GB) smartphones

An electronic certificate

Copyscape uniqueness checking