Joker Movie: The Joker's Darkest Story Explanation of His Madness

Joker Movie: The Joker’s Darkest Story and Two Hours of Explanation of His Madness Never before in DC films have we explained who the Joker is and how he appears in Gotham City as Batman’s eternal rival. In this film, all your satisfaction with it will pay off. On October 2, 2019, the Joker film appeared on television screens around the world to explain his madness. What are the reviews like?

Without the figure of a father, the only friend he has is his fragile mother, Penny Fleck (Frances Conroy).

Arthur lived his daily life as two clown figures; the first is his daily job as a hired clown, the second is the real side. Being a clown makes him feel accepted in society, even though he is often teased and ridiculed around him.

Despite being called “Happy” by his mother, Arthur never felt happy at all. The presence of Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) brings disappointment to him. Then how did Arthur Fleck’s transformation into the Joker? What was the turning point for him?

Directed and produced by Todd Phillips, Joker is a mythological revelation that has never been touched on in previous Joker films.

Set in 1981, the Joker tells of the beginnings of the chaos of the city of Gotham. If in previous films we were always presented by Gotham as a city that was destroyed and failed, here we will see how it all started.

We are brought into the chaos of the city which we often encounter; the wicked roam around, the difference between the rich and the poor, and the disappointment with the government. And Arthur is one of the people who failed to react to that. Sadly, he had to face everything alone.

No more matter how deep we try to understand, it’s very difficult to understand. The Joker tries to bring us to his feet in his perception. Don’t be surprised if, for a moment, you want to defend everything he does. But also don’t be surprised if after realizing it all, you feel that Arthur’s thoughts are playing tricks on you. Joker Movie: The Joker’s darkest story and two hours of explanation of his madness.

Todd Phillips cleverly takes us in circles to see the Joker from various sides, without us knowing it. Combined with the three-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix’s acting skill, Joaquin Phoenix plays a smile, don’t hope that by watching the Joker you will be able to understand what’s in his head.

Almost from beginning to end, Joaquin Phoenix’s face fills this film. Todd Phillips knows that to get us into the world of the Joker, facial expressions are key. So don’t be surprised if Joaquin Phoenix’s face and expression play into your emotions throughout the two hours of filming.

Joaquin Phoenix also played it perfectly. If Jared Leto is the riotous version and Heath Ledger is the psychopathic version, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the wild and creepy version.

He can lead us to see the transformation of how someone who feels like a failure can finally be at a turning point that makes him superior – in a negative sense. He can portray the complexity of the Joker smoothly without flaws. No wonder he is predicted as a strong candidate to win the next Oscar.

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In an interview with the media, actor Joaquin Phoenix warned viewers by calling his latest film a difficult and impactful film.

He even understood that his latest work would provoke several parties to react harshly to the film.

“I did not imagine beforehand that the film would be smooth,” Phoenix told The Hollywood Reporter, Wednesday, October 2, 2019.

“This is a difficult film. In some ways, there are times when people will react violently to it,” he said.

The strong reaction that Phoenix meant was that there were several special security measures in several United States theaters during their premiere at that time.

Various US cinema networks have also changed their policies so that the audience does not dress up as one of the DC Comics supervillain characters at the Joker screening.

Phoenix also said that he wanted the audience to sympathize or empathize with his character. He is also optimistic that the audience can get the important message in the Joker film.

“I think because that’s what we have to do (empathy and sympathy),” he said.

“I think we as spectators can see both of those things (the problem and the message in the Joker) at the same time and experience and appreciate them,” he said.