Kamala Harris The Vice President of United States America USA

Kamala Devi Harris was born on 20 October 1964, in California in the city of Oakland, who serves America as 49 and current vice president of America. Being a member of the Democratic Party, since 2017 Kamala Harris serves America as a US senator. Alongside president Joe Biden, she becomes vice president in January 2021 and was a type of defeat for ex-president of America, Donald Trump, and ex-vice president Mike Pence. Kamala Harris The Vice President of United States America USA

Shyamala Gopalan was the mother of Kamala Harris. She was a biologist and cancer disease researcher. Gopalan was Indian but in 1958 she migrates to America. She was a nutrition graduate student at the age of 19 and did their Ph.D. degree in 1964. Later on, she married Donald J. Harris, who was the father of Kamala Harris. Donald Harris was an economic professor of Stanford University by profession. In 1961, Donald Harris also migrated to America from British Jamaica and got their Ph.D. degree in 1966. At the civil rights movement, for the first time, she met with Gopalan.

The neighbors of the Harris took her to the American church regularly to worship, while her mother introduced Hinduism to her because she himself was a Hindu and her mother want Harris to worship in Hindu temples. Several times, Harris visited her maternal aunts and their relative in India. The maternal grandfather of Harris was P.V Gopalan who was a great supporter of women’s rights and democracy, much inspired Harris. She visited her father’s relative in Jamaica as well.

Kamala Harris got admission to Westmount high school located in Quebec. She was liberal arts student when she entered Howard University in Washington and completed a bachelor’s in political science and economics.

Kamala Harris becomes vice president of America by getting 306 electoral votes and former vice president Joe Biden selected Harris as his vice president. While Biden won the seat of the president by receiving 306 electoral votes and on the other hand Trump received 232 votes due to which he failed to be the president for this time. According to Harris saying, she was trying to get the seat of the president but she has failed.

In 1990, Harris accepted authority as Deputy District Attorney in California. Willie Brown a speaker of the California Assembly, invited Harris to be the state Unemployment insurance of the appeals board and she accepted. Harris was then did recruited as an assistant district attorney by Hallinan in February 1998, later on, she becomes the executive of the criminal division. Bing a supervisor of five attorneys, has prosecuted for Homicides, Burglary, and sexual cases. But Harris does not stay calm and reported publicly over Proposition 21 against Hallinan’s assistant, Darrel Salomon. Salomon refuses media inquiries about Harris Proposition 21.

In the 2016 election, Kamala Harris defeated Loretta Sanchez. A congresswoman from California for a senate seat and has been honored by the first south-Asian woman and second African-American woman to get the seat of the senate. She also becomes a part of the homeland security, judiciary, and budget committee.

Douglas Emhoff was the person, to whom Kamala married. He was a lawyer having six years of experience. Emhoff has already two children from his ex-wife. Emhoff was born in California in the city of Brooklyn and graduated from the University of California where he for the first time met with his future wife and married her.

Kamala Harris was such a talented lady who won the Thurgood Marshall Award. Which has been given only to the top student of civil rights. And that year, she enlisted among the top 20 most powerful ladies in the world. Furthermore, 2008 published

The article, also identifies that this woman has inner potential to become the president of the US country and has been honored with the title “tough fighters”. Later on, Harris has also included among the influential people of the world.

Kamala Harris was the most talented and intellectual lady in the world. Becoming a vice president of America was such a big defeat for ex-president Donald Trump and ex-Vice president Mike Pence. So, Both of them remain such great politicians for many years. In her adult age, she didn’t refuse to meet with her relative. Thurgood award is an award gives to the top student of civil rights. Harris also remained the owner of that award and won the title of the most powerful woman in the world.