Lego Flower Bouquet Interesting and Looks Great on Display

Lego Flower Bouquet

Cut flowers are an excellent way to decorate a lego flower bouquet. You can then dry them and make them a Gothic way to decorate your home.

But for a bouquet that will stand the test of time, Lego’s new bouquet for $ 89 is gorgeous and full of new techniques and new pieces. It also fits perfectly with another new botanical kit: Bonsai.

The set was developed by senior designer Anderson Grubbs and trainee Astrid Sundorf Christensen. The team came after Grubb started working on the scene, and people continued to tell him about Christensen’s fantastic work, which appears to be found in all of Lego’s offices.

Details of Lego Flower Bouquet

This set was not the first time I made Lego flowers. The last time I made it was the night before my wedding because two weeks ago I had an ingenious idea to create my bouquet and lapel flowers for my best men and my father from Lego and then order parts from Germany.

I learned a lot from this process. The most important lesson is that you always have to wait more than a week for parts delivered from Europe. Further training was as follows: the previous evening should not resort to anything significant, the super glue does not stick to the heavy structure as well as you would like, and almost five years later, you can look back on this stress and laughter.

Years to Learn Lego Flower Bouquet

The bouquet consists of 756 parts in 5 bags, divided into 3 levels, with an additional bag with large amounts (including giant green technical axes). The box has some lovely motifs from the set. The black background of the already typical adult collection. There is also a beautifully illustrated user manual and, better yet, no sticker.

Different Steps of Lego Flower Bouquet

Step 1

The most prominent and most breathtaking feature of the bag is the roses. I can’t overcome how complicated and beautiful they look. I never thought that light pink car roofs could look gorgeous, especially when connected to green pterodactyl wings like leaves. They are much lighter and more beautiful than my last attempt to build a roses lego flower bouquet.

Daisies are also pretty cool in their simplicity. But the roses were so satisfying to build, and they looked so beautiful that they were already the highlight of the set. My only problem with roses is how much the leaves turn. It’s hard to get at the perfect angle, and it would have been easy to fix it with a star hole instead of around one, but that’s a pretty small mistake, as this is a display kit that didn’t win.  

Another aspect is the height of these stems. These are some roses with long stems. It’s easy to make lego flower bouquet roses a little shorter by removing some branches’ ties. But without committing a Lego crime and using scissors, the daisies won’t get more concise.

Step 2

Here you create the most prolonged and least delicate flower in the set: snapdragon. I like the way Grubb used three different shades of pink to complete the flower. You use a considerable amount of pieces to create a significant effect. It’s not as subtle and “wow” as a rose, but it still makes a good impression on the bouquet, and the making process is fun. If one has a curved head and the other a straight head, it provides more viewing.

California poppy is a classic lego flower bouquet: simple pieces to create something wholly new and unexpected. It is a small and satisfactory construction.

Filling sheets are also available, but it’s not worth getting excited about flower bouquets.

Step 3

There are two flowers in this bag that I am in love with: lavender and an aster flower.

Lavender is amazing, large, and as realistic as can obtain it with a range of crowns. However, lavender was also the most depressing part of the design.

At one point, the instructions ask you to create 9 of a particular thing and then insert it. However, since the instructions are in the 2D format (even in the app), it is challenging to understand where to place them, leading to some frustration. 

Of course, you can place them wherever you feel best for a lego flower bouquet. It’s Lego, and you have to be creative. But at the same time, I wanted to create a flower, as indicated, and poorly designed instructions hindered rather than helped.

The second very cool flower is the aster flower, which was Christensen’s most enormous contribution to the set, and it’s just incredible. It is a good structure when repeated with a great result.

There is also another leaf filler, the formation of which, while not exciting, is an integral part of any good bouquet.

Finished Product

this lego flower bouquet looks fantastic. It would have been better if it had details and instructions for a vase or other container,
Finished Product

Overall, this lego flower bouquet looks fantastic. It would have been better if it had details and instructions for a vase or other container, but it was nice to see how many bricks and traditional dishes people put into wedding gifts, and I like that look. We kept it on the kitchen bench and received compliments from all our guests in recent weeks.

I want the colors not to be so muted. A bright red rose would be a fundamental change of head, but it is a personal choice, and it is impossible to please everyone with color. These flowers seem to be the basis for teaching techniques and creating new flowers to make their bouquet.

I can recommend this set to anyone who likes flowers but doesn’t care about water.


A lego flower bouquet looks beautiful and increases the grace of the place. You can make it for your home office or your returns to make a perfect lego flower bouquet following the steps.

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