Reasons Why Video Content Marketing is More Important Than Ever

What’s the best way to build your brand and reach more target audiences? Yes, it’s content marketing! And one of the innovative forms of content marketing that’s currently growing in significance is video marketing. Videos are the gateway to generating conversions. As per the latest reports, 93% of study participants believe videos can convert the same or even better than other content forms.

Although they are the newest additions to the promotion toolbox, surveys suggest around 63% of businesses have already started implementing video content marketing strategies to generate leads and sales. However, as a newbie in video content marketing, you first need to learn what exactly it is. You can only find it convincing to proceed further with videos and boost your business.

In short, video content advertisement is when brands produce video content in order to raise their profile online. Video gets published on the social media platform, though they can also come in the form of courses, live videos, self-hosted videos, webinars, etc.

When created professionally, videos become the most powerful tool for brands to spread the message in a more easily accessible way. There are strong reasons you need to implement video marketing strategies for your business.

1. Mapping Down a Story

Videos are a tool for explaining products in the form of tales. They are valuable because they offer prospective customers a chance to learn about the products more thoroughly. This type of content also helps users get an insight into the respective service and product.

Users usually prefer purchasing products only when they comprehensively understand their prime features and how it benefits them. Video content provides the prime benefit of the product’s visual representation, leaving potential customers hooked on knowing more about your service or product.

2. Offers a Great ROI

The ROI or return on investment you get from the video entirely depends on different things. They include how greatly you have organized the content strategy, video quality, and more. In the current world, videos offer a great ROI.

You might think videos are massively time-consuming and expensive to produce. However, there are great technologies that make it possible to create a video faster and within a low budget. We are just one tap away from video recording apps. Thus, producing engaging explainer videos at a low budget becomes extremely easy. Spending less while producing the videos means it’s much more seamless to get a positive return on investment!

3. Videos Can Be Made and Used in Different Ways

An excellent thing about a video is you can make it at any time you want, either manually or with help of a video maker. Though the former takes a lot of time and can be difficult for a newbie, a professional video editing tool makes the task super easy.

Now, once you create a video, use it in various ways and for various purposes. Of course, YouTube is the one-stop destination to start with videos, but also consider other options, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

You can also use live videos that have emerged in the current years.  Webinars have also become an excellent way to use these videos and interact directly with potential customers. Use them to answer specific questions about a particular product or service, or teach the audience something about the niche industry, establishing the brand’s authority.

4. Videos Are Great for SEO

Uploading videos on social media platforms help target the common search terms. And it’s an excellent method to get the business on Google’s first page. Not to forget, you already have noticed that Google includes the YouTube videos on its top page for multiple search terms.

To explain it clearly, let’s give you an example here. While searching for terms like “how to edit videos on Android,” the search engine will show three videos before that featured snippet, and it also shows the “People also ask” section above the search results.

So, the chances are high that your video content will rank in one of the three positions that Google shows on the page. And anyone who visits the URL will find out the video that you have worked on! That way, the video will help increase traffic, generate leads, and improve brand identity.

5. Videos Explain the Products or Services Better

Video content is valuable when it’s about helping potential buyers learn about the service or product. Even marketers say that using the video content helps users understand the service or product better! Customers will go for the purchase only when they understand what it does and how it helps them. And it’s of no surprise that video content is great to explain how things work.

See, how Black Milk Clothing has made a video to display how they make clothes – from the concept to sewing to printing. This has not only explained things better but also build a trust factor between them and the viewers.

6. Boosts Sales and Conversions

Last but not least, videos help in making serious money. Believe it or not, adding product videos on the landing page will increase conversions. In fact, videos work well irrespective of the categories you deploy them.

Besides leading to sales, explainer videos provide a foundation for prospects to buy a service or product. Once you start crafting product videos, you will see how rapidly your audience turns into loyal customers (no kidding)!

In addition to that, the effectiveness of videos isn’t anything surprising. After all, vision is the most dominant sense. And most information transmitted to the brain happens to be visual. Thus, imagine how moving pictures (videos) will contribute to your business when pictures boost engagement!

Summing It Up

Videos are an intriguing way for marketers to reach out to a newer section of audiences. And it’s incredibly easier for businesses to create and share premium quality video content. If you do not have video as part of the content strategy, now’s the time to think about experimenting with it and increasing your sales.

Given the massive importance of video marketing as a predominant content advertising strategy, would you now consider it a marketing choice for your upcoming products or services?

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