Scientists Say Jupiter Was Responsible For The Dinosaur-Killed Asteroid

Scientists assume it is likely that they formed in the Oort Cloud. Because of the chemical composition of impact deposits contained in the crater. It is where this and other asteroids of comparable or greater size have struck. They struck a far-flung band of planets living on the margins of our solar system. Scientists Say Jupiter Was Responsible For The Dinosaur-Killed Asteroid.

\Thanks to some Harvard University simulation-powered super sleuthing, one of the oldest whodunits of the galaxy may finally have been solved. We might now know, in this situation, the origin of the Chicxulub crater.

Experts have long assumed that after a giant fireball hit the Planet approximately 66 million years ago. They blamed the Chicxulub crater near Mexico. As a result of the collision, most dinosaur species went extinct. But a recent hypothesis reveals that asteroid scientists conclude that the conclusion of Rex’s reign was not a solitary local block. But it was a scrap of a much larger body that originated in the periphery of the solar system. Scientists Say Jupiter Was Responsible For The Dinosaur-Killed Asteroid.

Moreover, they also think that only after Jupiter messed with its previously innocuous trajectory did it manage to impact Earth. Jupiter, in other words, saw a chance to throw the first stone and did so. According to Harvard calculations, the gas giant’s gravitational force was enough to push the comet off track, sending it hurrying to Earth.

The initial chunk splintered before impact, and, luckily, only a tiny fragment managed to reach our world. That “tiny” fragment was about 80 km wide. And it left a crater about 20 to 30 km deep. Practically as if Boston’s whole city had been thrown out of space by the ocean near Mexico.

At sea level, the effects caused destruction, sending tsunamis torrenting about, sparking explosions. And it was enshrouding the Planet with an atmosphere of soot and precipitation. The disappearance of most of the notable lizard species and the fossil age’s culmination is the consequence of this environmental tragedy.

Scientists of yesteryear assumed that it might have originated from a belt between Jupiter and Mars, but recent experiments suggest that it is extremely doubtful.

Through checking their hypothesis against computer models to consider the direction, such an asteroid would have to follow to impact our Earth. The Harvard team worked this all out.