The first anonymous bank in the world, FreedyBank uses the power of blockchain to help people keep their data safe

FreedyBank is trying to make banking more inclusive and transparent in this highly volatile world.

Freedybank, the first anonymous bank in the world, leverages the power of the blockchain system to make banking more anonymous. This new technology guarantees completely anonymous and secure transactions while keeping user privacy at the heart of all its operations.

This helps to avoid possible manipulation of the centralized system that can be vulnerable to hackers who might try to steal users’ information and use it for other nefarious designs.

The main goal of FreedyBank is to give their clients a new banking experience with no limits and full transparency. They help make funds not taxable, untraceable, and un-attachable by anyone. 

This technology encrypts all your personal information, making it impossible to identify them.

Speaking on occasion, a representative for the new revolutionary bank said, “Our solutions are designed to facilitate international transactions, payments, and investments. FreedyBank is a decentralized platform that is changing what people know about banks. We offer privacy, security, and transparency for all users. All transactions are stored on a secure and decentralized network that can not be altered or used by anyone else for their agendas.”

He added, “We are a team of investment funds, IT security experts, and blockchain technology experts who used their own experience and knowledge to create an anonymous bank based on tracklessbank technology. Freedybank is poised to be the bank of the future where all operations are performed automatically and instantly.”

The bank allows to send and receive funds anonymously in 10 different currencies with no KYC and AML involved. Moreover, there are no exchange fees, and opening a bank account is free of charge, with no monthly or yearly fees.    

Opening a bank account takes less than a minute, and people can start sending and receiving money and activate anonymous debit and POS cards easily to make deposits or withdrawals. There are no hidden commissions, and customers only pay a small service fee for the services they use.

People interested in opening an account can visit the bank website using the information below.

About the company

Freedybank is a revolutionary new bank based on tracklessbank technology offered by PBS Online. This multinational company operates in the market due to its presence in different jurisdictions in the world.