The Impressive Story of Sana And Dawood

It is the story of a young couple of Lahore, Sana and Dawood, who realized to everyone that true love is more important no matter what’s the other say or what’s the ups and downs come in life. The Impressive Story of Sana And Dawood. As the story of love in the past that many people do compromises, effort and write the new best story of their love in the world now today same as the story of young couple Dawood and Sana’s life how they can face the problems and how they married together. Let’s read this article to know the story of this best and most energetic couple.

Love- no matter what’s the condition is, if you genuinely love someone. Then make your love your strength because loving someone gives you courage. 

It is the story of Dawood Siddiqui and s the last November. It was the best day in Dawood’s life because Dawood’s family arranged a dinner and Sana. A Dawood uncles’ daughter and his true love, also came to that dinner. Dawood is too much excitement on that day for the dinner gathering. 

Dawood was busy in preparation for the gathering and helped his family in all ways. At the same time, the call of Dawood’s father was coming. He instructed him to take a rod of iron to the roof. Dawood follows his father’s instructions and picks the long iron rod and takes it to the roof. He did not know it was the last thing of his that its hands picked it. So suddenly there was a sharp, loud noise was come that shock the whole neighborhood. The Impressive Story of Sana And Dawood with detail.

When the Dawood goes to the roof with the iron rod. This iron road contact with the power line and 11 kg of electricity badly hit the Dawood. To hear the noise of loud, his family member comes to the roof that what happens through. Which the noise everyone heard and saw that Dawood’s body is the swamp in flames. His family member put the sand on Dawood’s body to get rid of his body on the flame burn.

Dawood’s body was severely injured and after a few minutes. He regained consciousness and said in his heart, something was happening. He is screaming due to pain. Then immediately, his family rushed him to the hospital that is near his home. Due to being badly injured, the nearby hospital doctor referred him to go to Jinnah hospital as soon as possible. At Jinnah hospital, he was admitted to the burn unit’s operation theater.

The professional doctor saw him and saved Dawood’s life. Because it was too difficult to save Dawood’s life after the severe injury. Doctors decided to remove his arms and one leg. This decision was a tough decision for his family. Especially for the Dawood of his life and the operation duration is eight hours. After the operation of eight hours, when Sana has heard that terrible news. She reached the hospital with a cousin. She goes to the medical ward and saw Dawood. His whole body has covered in bandages. His face has swollen, and his eyes were closed.

Then Sana called his name in the ear of Dawood. And immediately Dawood opens his eyes and the first thing at that. Time in Dawood’s mind was that what will happen if she leaves him or not? Because in the hospital front of the Dawood bed, another patient also engaged; for some reason, he cut his finger, due to this reason, his fiancé left him. But Sana was a girl who is different from today’s girl who truly loves Dawood and her sure. Dawood that she will never leave him whether what’s the condition is. The doctors continuously say it is too much impossible. That he will survive, but can still argue to the doctor to save his life and pray to God. And then her prayers have accepted the life of Dawood is safe, but cut his arms and leg.

When Sana told his family that she has wanted to marry Dawood. His family objected that Dawood has paralyzed. He further did not take care of her more because he is no leg or arms. And life was too long how they can spend their life with him. Sana’s father said, will you leave our family only for one man? But Sana told every member of his family that he does not care what will happen to Dawood. She loves him and always takes care of him, and she wanted to marry him.

Then Dawood also try to convince Sana that her family was right, but she disagreed. She wanted to marry him because she loved Dawood. She did not leave Dawood. Then Sana goes to the court and says we wanted to marry, and we are adults, and then they will marry in the court and then live with the Dawood uncle. The Impressive Story of Sana And Dawood.

When Sana was telling their story, she said that Dawood has worried about it. How they can spend their life. Because now Dawood could not do their work how they can take care of her. But Sana sure him she is always with him in every condition. Now Sana does all work of Dawood without any complaints or demands. Dawood says in the interview that. Sana is a strong girl in a difficult time when no one is with him at that time. Sana was the only one who stands with him. She had a chance to leave him and marry that person who is better to Dawood. Still, Sana did not go. She marries him and proves to everyone that make your love is your strength, not weakness.

Even the chairman of Baitul mall of Punjab, Muhammad Azam. The Dawood uncle house to meet that couple and said he always read the stories of loves. Still, he never believes that it’s true can someone do all things only for their love, but now he told Sana to make the best story in the world records of their love. And the best thing is the CM of Punjab has announced the cash of 50,000 to support this young best couple.