This season's hottest dirty red Manicure?

Halo Manicure has always been a very popular style. Halo Manicure seems to be uncoated, but in fact, the uncoated texture will look very casual and more personal and artistic than the fully coated effect, takes a look at 5 red Halo Manicure styles.

8 red stain Manicure styles

In fact, the Manicure that looks uneven and a bit dirty is not well done, but it is just a halo method, where the same color is haloed in an irregular way, which gives a unique mood beauty and makes the simple nail surface also have a sense of hierarchy and look more sophisticated!

However, some girls will feel that such a red Manicure is too formal and cannot reflect that fairy feeling, while such a dirty red Manicure can be elegant and generous at the same time, but also brings some aura!

For this halo texture Manicure in Japanese Manicure is more common, are very delicate, if you feel too monotonous, we can also be on top with some glitter, gold foil, and other luminous elements embellished, looks full of spirit!

Irregular swoosh gradient Manicure, seemingly unintentional, but looks very unique!

This style is made as if the fingertips are inlaid with crystal gems, looks full of temperament, coupled with the silver mirror effect stitching, really super good-looking!

The solid color Manicure gives a more dignified feel, but this “dirty red” Manicure has more delicate details, bringing more energy and temperament to the fingertips.

This kind of halo texture is more common in Japanese Manicures, and we all know that JapaneseManicure is mostly known for its delicacy, and the seemingly uneven texture actually adds a delicate effect with a single color, and with some decoration, it looks very beautiful. If you use a glitter supplier glitter nail polish powder can also get a more shiny effect.\

With a little lighter red do out of the swoosh, there will be a pink crystal texture effect, as if inlaidon the fingertips of the crystal stone, plus the silver mirror effect to do stitching, really very powerful, so the Manicure hands very special, will cause a small crowd of call Oh!

Dirty red” Manicure and gold foil paper is really a golden CP, with together will have a very delicate feeling, even if painted a thousand times will not be tired!

Red stain Manicure tutorial

1. Finish the base gel priming and shine the light. Brush the whole nail with a layer of creamy

white of fawn brush glue, and light. Repeat coloring and light.

2. Then brush on a layer of base gel again, without lighting, directly with a small round pen to take the even sense of nail polish No. 14 burgundy on the nail surface pat coloring, lighting.

3. Brush on the base gel again, take the even feel gel with the same method of coloring, light. This is done several times, so that the color has a sense of layers, illuminated. At this time, brush on a layer of reinforcing glue, paste on the ornaments, and shine the light. Finally, paint the whole nail with sealer and let it dry.

Fuchsia halo Manicure tutorial

Step1: Apply a coat of protein repair base coat to all fingers and light for the 30s.

Step2: Apply a layer of white nail polish on the thumbs first, and shine the light for the 30s.

Step3: Dab a small amount of purple on the brush and sweep it across the tips of the thumbs at an angle, and gently sweep the rest of the fingers with the remaining nail polish on the brush and shine the light for the 30s.

Step4: Apply a French Manicure to the tip of the ring finger with purple, the edges of the FrenchManicure do not need to be too neat, shine the light for the 30s.

Step5: Next, apply a layer of protein repair base coat (or other brands of reinforcing gel) to the edge of the French nail without lighting, and then apply gold stickers and rhinestones, lighting for the 30s.

Step6: Apply purple to the whole index finger, two coats to make the color fuller, and shine the light for 30s each time.

Step7: Apply another layer of silver glitter color and shine the light for the 30s.

Step8: Apply white nail polish on the middle finger, apply gold stickers, purple rhinestones and clear rhinestones in the same way as Step4.

Step9: Apply light purple glitter on the pinky finger twice, each time illuminate for the 30s.

Step10: Finally, apply the sealer on all fingers and shine the light for 60s. (Scrub the sealer twice and wipe the nail surface with clean water or a clean packet to clean the floating glue, no need to clean the sealer once)


The halo practice is often found in the Japanese Manicure style, in addition to the common color overlap, Amber Manicure, Marble Manicure, Star Manicure also belong to the category of halo.