Tips on Choosing the Right Custom Bobble Heads

Cards, wine, books, pens, diaries have become very common gifting options. You must have also given these items many times to many people. Isn’t it? So this New Year, why don’t you try gifting a unique, highly-personalized, and memorable gift item to your loved ones or friends. You always don’t get what you have ordered, especially in the case of bobble heads.

What can it be? Yes, you probably guessed it right. Bobble heads would be a perfect choice. Customized bobble heads are a great vogue these days. Not just because they are cute and fun to look at, they also reflect how you value your relationship with the recipient.

These are cute figurines with a bobbing head that initially started as toys sold in street corners to amuse children, and you must have also seen them installed on car dashboards as well. And now this cute little thing has become one of many favorite gift items for special occasions.

Over time, creativity has gone high. Now, you will be amazed to find all sorts of bobbleheads that include couple bobbleheads, groomsmen, bridesmaids, pets, family, costumes, superheroes, and sportspeople, many more. However, just like anything else, you need to do your homework to get the best, personalized, and most memorable gift for your dear ones.

Here are a few tips for choosing custom bobbleheads to nudge you in the right direction. Continue reading!

Choose the right body type

When it comes to the custom bobbleheads’ body type, there are myriad options to choose from. However, they boil down to two main categories: fully custom and standard body.

As the name suggests, the fully customizable option allows you to build one from head to toe while the standard body is based on specific models like doctors, sportspeople, males, females, bossy-figure, etc. You will get hundreds of choices, so carefully pick the most appropriate body type keeping the recipient in mind.

The base is the platform where your bobblehead will stand. Usually, they come with standard bases, but you can, of course, decide on which type of base you would like to have. For example, you can have a custom-made base like a car, bike, animal, office desk, etc., you can get it customized and make it as unique as possible. However, you will have to pay a little more for the custom-built base. 

Here, props or accessories mean things like glasses, tattoos, hats, shirts, handheld objects, lettering, or anything like that you would like to add to your bobblehead. Though these things come at an additional cost, they are an added feature to highlight these cute figurines. Hence, choose the right props/ accessories that best go with your bobblehead and that you can afford.

The best quality custom bobbleheads are made up of polyresin material which is highly durable and customizable. The material characteristics of polyresin allow the finished goods to be precisely detailed in all design aspects.

Some companies opt for polymer clay instead of polyresin because it shortens the processing time and is cheaper. However, for the consumer, it is a very fragile substitute. So when personalizing your bobblehead, make the right choice. 

Sometimes you may need to make some changes. The price often includes the proofing cost, but some manufacturers may charge separately. Furthermore, some companies offer unlimited proofing, while others allow only one proof per stage.

If you want your cute figurine as close to perfection as possible, follow the aforementioned tips.