Top 2 metals for everyday Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most valuable items that everyone, especially women loves to wear. They are not only used for wearing but are also sold when the market values are high or when we need urgent money.

There are many different kinds of precious metals or gemstones that are used for making different kinds of jewelries.

Metals like gold; silver and platinum are mostly used for making jewelry that can be worn every day. On the other hand, metals like diamonds, pearls, and emeralds are used to make that jewelry that can be worn on different occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

Now, we will look at the top 2 metals that are used for making everyday jewelry, and people usually get confused between them:

White gold:

People of this generation are more fascinated with wearing white gold rather than the golden ones as they shine and look more like a diamond.

  • Furthermore, they can be used for daily purposes as they are lost for a very long time.
  • Moreover, white gold does not tarnish quickly and is malleable for craving into different designs.
  • It is more affordable than platinum and can be mixed with different other metals easily.
  • But, white gold has to be washed frequently, or else it will lose its sparkling nature.


  • This is another metal that can be used in making jewelry that can be worn every day.
  • This metal is resistant to corrosion and does not get discolored easily.
  • Platinum is malleable and ductile so that it can be made into different kinds of jewelry.
  • The metal has excellent stability properties and can resist high temperatures.
  • The price of platinum is more expensive than other kinds of metals.
  • Platinum gets scratches and unwanted marks if they are not kept properly.

These were some of the comparisons regarding white gold vs platinum. Both of these are excellent metals in their own ways. The Platinum vs White Gold debate has been going around for some time and will continue until they exist.

In conclusion, these are the two options that you have while buying your jewelry. You need to ensure that you are choosing something that matches your personality, skin tone, and budget. You can also buy a mixed collection of both so that the combination looks amazing.


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