UAE Passport Ranking In 2021

UAE passport is a type of travel document has given to the citizens of UAE by the ministry of interior. UAE passport is also has known as an Emirati passport. The ranking of the passport of one county depends upon their mobility score or easily accessible country with a given passport. The passport rank will be better if the mobility score of one country is high. The country that accepts visa-free with passport, ranked high. UAE Passport Ranking In 2021. 

Since 2018,2019 and 2020, Japan remains top-ranked by passport throughout the world. It allows people, to visit 191 destinations without any visa in the world. Some countries consist of the weakest passport. which includes North Korea having 39 destinations, Libya having 38, Nepal also 38. And Pakistan is also has included in them, having 32 destinations. 

The UAE passport was ranked 20th among the most powerful passports in the world in 2019. And for the last five years, the UAE has doubled the number of destinations for its citizens without visas. In December 2016, it was in the 27th position and was in the 18th position in 2018, which shows continuous improvement. During the COVID-19 pandemic, UAE was the only country to add visa-free for travelers. It was the only country to make progress in such a pandemic. 

UAE passport ranks 16 number in 2021. With a ranking of 16, the UAE gives 173 countries, visa-free access to their holders and gains the status of the top 20 powerful passport countries in the Arab. It has achieved the most powerful and top-ranking passport. UAE had 58 countries for visiting in the year of 2006 with a rank of 62nd. 

The UAE passport has progressed during the period of COVID-19 because UAE has already powerful technology which posses the ability to control the flow of such pandemics helps them in keeping their businesses open. While in the other country was lockdown. Such a situation has benefitted the UAE by making their relations good with their neighboring countries and permits them. To invest in almost every sector and the making of the passport was also has included in the agreement. 

Vice President and Ruler of Dubai Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid tweet,” keep the doors open to the people of UAE.” And was congratulating Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, minister of foreign affairs. 

The country that passport has ranked first in 2021 in Japan having the most powerful passport. It is the third time for Japan that consecutively keep its ranks top for 3 years among the most powerful passport countries. The passport of Japan allows the citizens of Japan to access 191 countries in the world without having visas. 

Afghanistan is the weakest passport ranking country having access to only 26 countries. Afghanistan has a 110th ranking position due to its low mobility score. Due to destroying conditions in the economy of Afghanistan, their mobility score is also very low. With such a low mobility score, their passport ranking is also the weakest among the countries of the world.

So, the passport ranked in 107 positions with access to 32 countries for their citizens. Pakistan has considered the weakest passport. Its ranks are very low as compared to India having a passport rank of 85. According to the law of Pakistan, Pakistani passports are valid for Israel for all countries of the world except Israel.  

UAE passport has enlisted among the most powerful passports of the countries of the world. Due to their high mobility score, so their passport rank is also high. Mobility is the number of countries that can be accessible by the current passport of the country. An increase or decrease in the mobility score differentiates the rankings of different passports of the countries of the world. UAE passports remain variable among the different years. Likewise, in 2006, it has ranked In the 62nd position, and in 2021 it is in the 16th position. By ranking, Japan is the highest passport ranking country and Afghanistan is at the bottom by the passport ranking of the world.