What are private browsing and its Advantages?

Those who regularly browse the Internet are probably already familiar with browsing, also called incognito mode, of their browser. But if this is not your case, in this article, we are going to explain what this browsing mode consists. We also discuss how to activate secure browser with VPN gratis.

What is private browsing?

Private browsing is a browsing mode that we have available in practically all browsers. It allows us to browse the Internet without storing information about the sites, we visit while this mode is active. It is like a temporary session that deletes a whole series of

information from the browser when we exit it. Thus, when it is in personal mode, the web pages that it is visit, the browsing history, the web cache is generate. Moreover user accounts and passwords, form information, cookies and any other temporary file that is also generate while browsing For safe browsing, you must use reliable and fast browser like Wave Browser

What is private browsing for?

This mode allows safer and more personal browsing when it is active so that, apart from not saving or storing any of the elements that we have mentioned in the previous point, and ensuring part of our privacy on the Internet, it also has other uses that can be interesting. Now you can improve your browsing with iTop free VPN and personal browser.

Some advantages of browsing in personal mode

When buying online, if we do it from a private browsing window, we can prevent our card data or personal data from storing by entering them in different forms. This also applies to carrying out procedures with the administration.

In this sense, it also allows us to access our user accounts without having to close those of the person whose computer we are using, since with incognito mode we can keep one account open in the normal browser and another in private browsing mode. If we need to obtain results in search engines that are not influence by our browsing history, preferences, and other information that browsers collect about us, resorting to private browsing is the best solution since the search here will offer us a cleaner result. Especially recommend for those who are dedicate to digital marketing and need to check the positioning of specific terms.

Private browsing with Safari

If you have a macOS, you will indeed browse with VPN Safari; to activate private browsing, you just have to click on the gear icon when you have the browser open, look for “Private browsing” in the drop-down menu, and click there.

You can also press the key combination Control + Shift + p to activate it directly. (with the browser open).

Private browsing in Google Chrome

If your usual browser is Chrome, you will activate this private mode by clicking on the three vertical dots and selecting “New incognito window” in the menu.

Or you can press, with the browser open, the key combination Control + Shift +

n to activate it.