Whatsapp API for SMBs

Whatsapp Business API or Whatsapp API is a very important Whatsapp Business Solution that was launched by Whatsapp in the year 2018.

Whatsapp is known as an instant messaging tool that is very popular, as it can help the users remain connected with family members and friends. However, some may have realized that it can go beyond personal use and can be regarded as a tool to contact businesses for solving those customer-service-related queries.

Similarly, in the case of small businesses, using Whatsapp API is also a very good choice. Some free apps usually offer several handy features to help small businesses, but while you scale your company, you may find them insufficient in some cases.

This triggers the need to search for more advanced features. Thus, if you want to have a tool to handle the customer service of your business, you should look for Whatsapp Business API.

In the year 2018, Whatsapp launched a standalone app named Whatsapp Business for small business owners so they could easily manage their everyday interactions with their customers and run their business smoothly.

Though it offers plenty of helpful features, this free app was not sufficient for several larger enterprises that need to communicate with their customers on a large scale.

Hence, in the year 2018, in August, came the Whatsapp Business API with advanced features to help scale-up businesses.

What are the advantages of Whatsapp Business API?

To properly design and grow a large business or company, the Whatsapp Business API has several things to offer. Some of those advantages include:

  • Allowing more than one user to sign in to the dashboard at the same time.
  • Having a dashboard that is centralized and also shared team inbox for easy customer management and chatting services.
  • This can help the users by sending programmatic responses to the queries of the customers.
  • It allows third-party software integration.
  • It can easily help by tracking the performance and key metrics.
  • Provides proper verification of an official business account through a green checkmark.

As Whatsapp API has so many things to offer, it’s no wonder that many organizations around the world are choosing this to communicate properly with their customers.

Important ways to use Whatsapp Business API for small and medium-sized businesses

There are several special realms where a small business can use Whatsapp Business API and see amazing results. Some of them are:

  • Internal team interaction

Using Whatsapp API does not need any special kind of training. So, your entire team can interact with others whenever needed. In addition to this, the Whatsapp application programming interface can offer onboarding support to the recruits through templatized FAQs. Moreover, you can also collect feedback regularly.

With the help of Whatsapp Business API, you can easily connect with the candidates. Just generating a simple QR code to reach the business on Whatsapp can enable you to reach numerous prospects around the world.

Whatsapp Business API also helps you by informing you about how many of your messages have been already delivered and read by the recipients. Thus, you can get a better insight into your marketing and sales.

Therefore, Whatsapp Business API plays a very important role in the growth and success of a small business.