11 Best Free Email Template Builders to Improve your Email Marketing

Here I’m going to explain the 11 Best Free Letter Template builders to improve your email marketing. Are all letter editors the same for you? Can’t decide which one to choose for your email campaigns?  

We want to take a close look at popular editors to find the distinguishing features of each. For the purity of the experiment, I will create templates in them using one set of media files. Let’s see what comes out of this and if there are any differences between the editors. 

For the research, we chose Stripo, of course, and its main competitors: BEE Free, Campaign Monitor, EDM Designer, Get Response, Mailchimp, MailStyler2, Mosaico, Topol.io, UI layer.

Important: we only research the features and options that are available in the free service package.

We’ve Listed Our Competing Editors in Alphabetical Order.


Stripo is one of the best tools of its kind.

An independent product that is already built into many ESPs. The blog has many articles on “How to Create an Effective Selling Message,” and articles on interactive elements and what’s new in the marketing world.

Stripo is a two-in-one drag-and-drop and HTML editor. Insert images and videos in a drag-and-drop editor, and embed interactive elements in the HTML code of your message.

Stripo not only helps you create responsive emails but also lets you choose which elements to show on mobile and which to hide.

Features of the editor

  • drag-n-drop AMP blocks – AMP form, AMP accordion, and AMP carousel – allow you to create innovative AMP letters quickly and without knowledge of HTML;
  • code validator for AMP letters;
  • Data Service (provide storage of data received from letters) and Source Data (provide pulling data from the server into notes) to collect user feedback directly in letters and to send mailings with real-time information;
  • innovative elements with which you can create many product cards at the same time;
  • personal library – in it, you can store both entire templates and individual elements for reuse
  • banner generator – allows you to create multilayer banners, write text on them without Photoshop and other photo editors;
  • integration with Email on Acid – makes it possible to see your letters through the eyes of customers, namely, before sending, see how your notes are displayed in 90+ combinations of mailers and devices;

BEE Free

BEE Free is an online drag-and-drop editor. It allows you to create responsive email templates. This is a product of the Mail Up Group.

It is built into many SaaS applications. For inspiration and new ideas for post design, check out their blog.

There are 120 templates to choose from, ready to use.

Features of the editor

Whenever you return to the editor, you are prompted to continue where you left off. As for me, this is very convenient.

Initially, I planned to research and compare only independent editors. But perhaps it would be unfair to omit the tools built into the ESP from the list. Therefore, I also wrote a couple of paragraphs about them.

Campaign Monitor

Large ESP. I have not tried to make my newsletter with their help. But the newsletter they send is just fabulous.

They offer over 50 ready-made message templates.

Features of the editor

A completely new and unique option. The ability to create and embed questionnaires that adapt to mobile phones, right inside the editor with an unlimited number of questions.

EDM designer

EDM designer is a drag-and-drop editor who has been providing services for over 5 years.

Are there instructions for using the editor directly on the site? No, but I found 2 videos on YouTube.

You are offered 15 ready-made templates and also the ability to create your own from scratch.

The blocks available at the moment are not enough to create a modern post template. No video blocks.

Features of the editor

Easily swap text and pictures within a structure.

There are no block “social networks.” You can upload icons as regular pictures and insert links to your social media pages … EDM only offers Facebook and Twitter.

Get Response

Get Response is an internationally renowned ESP. Best tool if you host webinars. They will help you send out invitations and a series of reminders to your subscribers and provide you with statistics on event attendance. After all this, your guests will be asked to leave a review of the webinar.

Their blog is rich in articles and helpful information on marketing trends.

Get Response offers over 500 ready-made templates.

Features of the editor

  • You can edit or even create a template from scratch in the HTML editor.
  • It is impossible to use HTML and drag-and-drop at the same time.
  • You cannot not only embed a video but even insert a link to it in your template.


Mailchimp is one of the largest mailing systems. It is considered the best tool for small businesses.

Articles on their blog are usually about new features and capabilities of this ESP and the experience of its employees.

Technical assistance is provided 24/7.

Mailchimp provides about 100 ready-made templates at your disposal.

Features of the editor:

“Share on social networks.” Only a few offer this opportunity.


Let me clarify that the new address of this site is newsettercreator.com. You can enter any name to search for an instrument on the web. This is due to recent site updates.

So MailStyler2 is an offline editor. To use the tool, you need to download it to your computer. MailStyler2 does not have any how-to articles or news in the marketing design world. But in the “Video” section, you can see a short tutorial on working with the tool.

MailStyler2 offers you 8 ready-to-use templates.

Many of the editor’s features are only available after purchasing it.

Features of the editor

  • You can weigh the HTML of your post. This is a necessary option since all mailers have their limit on HTML message weight. On average, it should not exceed 100 kb.
  • It is possible to write texts on banners, apart from Stripo. Email is the only tool that allows you to do this.


Mosaico is an open-source editor. This is a product of the Italian VOXmail group, created several years ago.

Their blog is updated irregularly. But in it, you can find some valuable materials regarding email clients and Mosaico releases.

In it, you will not find a single ready-made template with pictures and backgrounds. But they offer two structured drafts. Use them to work with the editor.

Features of the editor

  • It is a custom drag-and-drop editor. No need to drag and drop blocks and containers. You click on a block in the toolbar, and it appears immediately in your draft;
  • I also really liked that they offer instructions on using the editor as soon as you select a template. You do not need to search for this information on the site;
  • no file storage – you cannot store not only templates but also your files;
  • Your uploaded GIFs will display as static images.


Mosaico.io is an open-source email template builder, which is something of a rarity. You won’t find any predesigned templates, as you would with other email template builders, but you will be able to alter the tool however you see fit.

Unique Features

  • A unique click-based design tool, abandoning the traditional “drag-and-drop” model.
  • Community support, due to its open-source nature.
  • Infinite flexibility if you’re willing to put in the work to customize it.


Topol is another drag-and-drop editor. It is part of the MJML community, ensuring that your messages are displayed correctly on all mobile and desktop devices.

You will find many blocks in the Topol editor. You can easily edit pictures right in this tool.

For convenience, you are offered 7 ready-made templates.

Features of the editor

  • insert links to your GIFs, and they will appear correctly in your post templates;
  • Do not have access to edit the HTML code. Therefore, you cannot embed interactive elements in your messages at this stage.


If you are an ESP and are currently looking for an embedded editor, you might like this one.

Un layer is a new product founded at the end of 2017.

There are no ready-made templates to save you tons of time.

At the moment, you will be offered only basic blocks: buttons, images, separator, HTML, and text. Neither the video nor the “social networking” is not.

Of course, you can embed the video using HTML code if you are good at it. Otherwise, it will be complicated.

Features of the editor

You can independently choose an additional tool/block that you would like to embed in this editor as soon as you become a user.

It is designed for corporate users.

Comparison tables

Please see the tables in which I compared the individual features of the 4 responsive editors, each of which I mentioned above: Bee Free, Topol, Unlayer, and Stripo. Email.

Why exactly are they? Because, in my opinion, they are the best in this category.

Of course, I can compare editors according to different criteria, but I tried to reach them according to the industry’s most demanded and necessary functions.

Functions for working with media files:

  • write text on the banner;
  • creating the banner itself inside the editor;
  • built-in photo editor;
  • the ability to embed GIF and video;
  • as well as a bank of images.

Advanced integration with many ESPs, file storage, and intelligent elements is a must for automating work since it is the automation of work that is the number one tool in today’s fast pace of life.

Important: none of the editors in the table allow you to create templates right on your smartphone.


We’ve just reviewed the best post-editors 2020. We carefully studied their features and disadvantages. And now only you have to choose for yourself the very editor that suits you according to all criteria and meets all your requirements.

But before making your choice, please read the list of recommended requirements for modern editors for 2020:

  • responsive web design;
  • access to HTML code, which makes it possible to embed interactive elements;
  • a wide range of ready-made templates;
  • the ability to edit templates after export to ESP;
  • automation of work to save time;
  • storage of modules and templates for reusable use;
  • creation of AMP letters without the knowledge of typesetting.

It doesn’t matter if you choose Stripo. Email or any other editor, I sincerely wish you the best of luck.