How to Become an Influencer in 2021

Here now pure “subjectivity” will go because after looking at several sites, I saw outright nonsense there. There is no mathematical formula. I guess it depends on the interest, but it should be interesting – that’s for sure. Then, the content must grab and hold attention. How to Become an Influencer in 2021 is defined in detail.

An Influencer, like a design, must be understandable, i.e., so that a person can build an association story shortcut in his head, for example, a guy who is versed in technology. There should not be something repulsive in the image. It should be relevant. Also, it is worth having proof of competence in your topic.

It is pretty complex to give any specific advice since it depends on the niche and format. Maybe you will create or copy a new design that is not yet in one particular niche. You can study blogs with similar topics and learn from them, don’t copy them, and create your particular area to become an Influencer.

What types of influencers are there:


Bloggers are divided into niches and sites. Understanding what niche a blogger occupies is also essential for making the right choice and effective collaboration. If you are a beauty brand, you are unlikely to go with an offer of cooperation to gamers. How to Become an Influencer in 2021 step by step define.

I distinguish these types of bloggers by niche:

  • beauty bloggers;
  • fashion bloggers;
  • travel bloggers;
  • food bloggers;
  • fitness / sports / healthy lifestyle / pp bloggers;
  • lifestyle bloggers;
  • gaming bloggers;
  • auto bloggers;
  • coaching bloggers;
  • movie bloggers and others.

Bloggers usually use two platforms: YouTube and Instagram.

YouTube bloggers

Reviewers. As a rule, reviewers’ Influencer talks about a niche topic, sharing their own opinions and assessments. Reviewers can speak about fashion, beauty, travel, cars, and so on.

Bad Comedian Reviews Gain Millions of Views

Gamers and streamers. Category “Gaming” has become the most popular among advertisers in 2019.

Gamer SuperEvgexa has 2.5 million subscribers.

Prankers. The prank is a prank. A great example of a prank is Roman Atwood.

Roman Atwood makes fun of loved ones in his videos.

Show hosts. It is essential to understand that many show hosts are initially journalists and use YouTube exclusively as a platform. They do not call themselves bloggers, but the chosen platform allows them to be classified as bloggers on formal grounds, especially since some receive YouTube Golden Buttons.

Vivid examples: dud, Editorial, A talk, Caution! Sobchak.

Famous musicians, politicians, journalists, comedians come to visit Yuri Dude.

Instagram bloggers

Photobloggers. Those whose content consists of photos on a specific topic. They photograph people, cities, skyscrapers, cars, food. Also, photo bloggers can share by genre: shoot portraits, reports, gossip. How to Become an Influencer in 2021?

More recently, as part of a project with the Moscow City Museum, I collaborated with photobloggers strong Olexa and made by Vadim. We chose them for two reasons:

 Their content creations are to the theme of our Museum – architecture and high-rise buildings.

 The content is of high quality, and the audience is lively. For example, we have not confirmed cooperation with some influencers – former participants of the famous reality show, because their content and positioning go against the museum’s values ​​and philosophy. And a million subscribers are not a priority here, which should be guided by.

Niche bloggers. Occupy any of the niches. Sometimes they successfully combine and work in several at once: beauty, lifestyle, fitness, and others.

Weiners. These are those who shoot concise videos and show some moments from life. You can also think about a vine as a video tweet.


Celebrity. This is from portmen, TV presenters, artists, musicians, designers, models and so on.

Creators. Whose content is purely related to what they create: musicians, artists, performers – creators of a specific creative, tangible product. Examples: Pokras Lampas, Kirill Richter, Noize MC, Rita Dakota.

Reviewers. Journalists, models, stylists, TV presenters. The celebrities share their opinions and experiences on different topics. Examples: Elena Perm Inova, Oksana Lavrentieva.

Fictional or CGI influencers. Images created using computer graphics. Glucose can be considered the founder of fictional celebrities in Russia. This is the first example of a virtual singer whose image has lived and worked long without being tied to a specific person.

The concept of advertising through CGI influencers raises many questions: How can they promote products they can’t try? Should companies and brands be transparent about creating or using virtual influencers?

 Influencers as leaders:

Networker (networker) – has a large set of contacts, connections, if you like.

Opinion Leader – as you can see, opinion leaders are also included here. They have authority in their field of activity. They know what they are doing, what they are talking about, and learn how to explain it to others.

Discoverer (discoverer) – finds new platforms for work, niches that can be occupied, in the know about new products or, in a simple way, a person in a trend.

Sharer (distributor) – sounds criminal, but it distributes information through the available channels.

User – Represents average brands.

Micro mid-close-up.

Also, influencers are divided by the size of their influence, i.e., by the number of subscribers.

Micro-influencers – from 5 thousand to 100 thousand subscribers. Mid (average) – from 100 thousand to one million.

And macro-influencers – over a million, but not only the number of subscribers determines. They influence but also the loyalty and engagement of the audience. Every person wants to know how to become an Influencer in 2021.

For micro-influencers, it may not be tremendous, but it is more loyal and involved. They usually understand their topic and are professionals in their field, and interact more often with their audience, so they are more trustworthy. Therefore, there was such a trend as public relations among micro-influencers. At this point, we have to transfer our discussion to the business sphere.

For business

The capital of agents of influence is fans and subscribers. And brands work with this capital. Advertising campaigns with the involvement of bloggers are much cheaper, but at the same time, they are effective. By choosing the right influencer, the band hits the right target audience.


Before inviting an influencer to collaborate:

 Study its content carefully.

 Analyze what you read and what you saw.

 Understand its values, the tone of communication with the audience. How to Become an Influencer in 2021.

 Analyze your audience. Or ask the influencer to send a screenshot with statistics from your account. Now, this is the usual practice. Everyone is openly sharing this information. The most relevant data: geography, gender, age – this is quite enough to understand the approximate portrait of the target audience.

 Look at the interaction with the audience and their reactions.