3 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Cable TV Bill This Year!

One of the best ways to beat those weekly blues is changing into your jammies, grabbing fresh hot popcorn, and putting your favorite show on cable TV. Many of us are hooked on to catching premium entertainment and quality content on our TV screens with just a switch of a remote button. And why won’t we? We kill our boredom undeniably quickly with the impressive variety of entertainment and content cable TV provides us.

While we thoroughly enjoy watching TV with our friends and families whenever we want, most cable providers are using this opportunity to increase the prices of their cable TV packages. They know the demand for quality TV entertainment in today’s times, and cash in on this opportunity. However, it doesn’t work in our favor. Our bank balances take a hit every month when we receive our monthly cable TV bills. And with the living expenses only growing in this digital age, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the lifestyle we’re always used to or dream to have.

You often use your internet to Google ‘how to lower your monthly internet bill?’ or ‘how to lower your monthly cable bill?’ but fail to find any long-term solutions. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place at the right time looking for answers. This write-up is all about helping you lower your monthly cable TV bill this year in the smartest ways possible.

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You’re in a position of strength when you’re signing up with a cable provider because they will do everything in their power to turn you into a customer and keep you satisfied. It’s your responsibility to use your position to either play hardball or give someone else the reins to do it. Either way, you must negotiate for a better deal that won’t drill a hole in your pocket every month.

One of the easiest ways to negotiate is by getting in touch with your provider’s customer service team and asking them politely about any ongoing deals and discounts for new customers. If that doesn’t do much for you, you can always play hardball. Keep a check on what other providers in your area are doing for their customers, the deals they offer, and the pricing and additional perks they provide. Use that information to get an even better deal from your cable provider. It works 70% of the time, so make sure you play your cards right to get a better deal out of this effort.

If you’ve been a long-time customer who pays the bills and clears all dues on time, your cable provider is most likely to keep you as a customer and provide you with the best deal.

A smart purchasing decision requires you to explore all your options first. When you have access to multiple cable providers in your area, make sure you’re getting the best possible deal from the provider of your choice at your address. Most cable service providers attract new customers by disclosing budget-friendly deals and introductory prices. Study the local cable service providers in your area and learn about their plans, deals, discounts, and promotional prices to get yourself a better deal from your current provider. If you can’t land a better deal with your current provider, you can always switch to another provider that will save you a ton of money and stress! A little research goes a long way.

Ever since ‘bundling’ became a thing, it’s become one of the best ways to save up money for service users. If you want to save up on your cable TV bill every month, you should bundle up multiple services together and save a ton of money on a single bill! Usually, almost every cable service provider offers bundling services, so you can always ask the provider to hook you up with the best bundle deal available.

Many service providers offer their customers the chance to pair up fiber internet and cable TV together or provide the best fiber internet speeds at the best prices intown. EarthLink internet does this too, so it gives you enough room to invest in a bundled deal and save on your monthly bill.

With these helpful tips, you don’t have to stress much about drilling a big hole in your pocket for quality TV entertainment. Follow these tips and play your cards right to save smartly on your monthly cable TV bills.