American Idol Winner and Host & Judges in 2021

AMERICAN IDOL, mates, this is getting fun. It’s only our second audition outing, so it seems like there are some real candidates for the 19th season title already. American Idol Winner and Host & Judges in 2021. Honestly, if a couple of the contestants below are not in the Top 10, what will we do here? Sadly, with so many golden tickets being given out, several refusals must still be handed out.

The judges will meet Ace Stiles, a 16-year-old who came out as transgender two years ago, in this round of hearings. His voice is close and adapted, and the adjudicators concur that his ability requires somewhat more an ideal opportunity to develop. It’s tragic! He’s so close! Fortunately, for contestants betting all on American Idol in the mix, there are some big winners, too.

Here is the next batch of singers we’ll see in Hollywood again. Some may, in both good and bad ways, surprise you. That’s fun, therefore.

AMERICAN IDOL spends little time getting into a perfect listening experience. Is Amanda Mena willing to sing this song to me at night? Just joking because all of the time, I’d be crying. So flipping beautiful is her version of this Beatles song! So much control is there, and her higher register sounds powerful. It’s an easy yes, with the judges having to see more from Amanda.

LiahonaOlayan / 16 / Hawaiian Wahiawa, Hawaii. Ammon Olayan / 17 / Hawaiian Hawaiian Wahiawa

Well, look at both of these nuggets! A duo of siblings! They are the eldest of eight brothers, and they write songs together, and they have the handshake of a sibling. Oh, great! Nice! They plan to perform an original together for their audition, and while I’m usually an anti-original tune, this one is a jam. Even Luke is reasonably confident they should take her to film a song right now and get her on the radio, but the judges opt to bring all Olayan children to Hollywood. Liahona is the real stand-out. We’re going to see how solo they perform!

Katy Perry says Not to judge a book by its cover when she sees that this guy, dressed as a Viking and wielding Thor’s hammer, will certainly be sent to Hollywood. Anthony may not be the episode’s best audition (Luke doesn’t think his audition was a “huge artist moment” and votes “no” in Hollywood), but Viking can sing! To last in Hollywood, he’ll need to show off a few more tricks, but his voice on this jazz classic sounds sweet and soft. Katy and Lionel both vote for him but give him the same advice to go forward: lose the gimmick and take your talent seriously.

Hannah Everhart will be an interesting one to watch during Hollywood week, actually, a Country Katy Perry, as the ladies determine during the audition. Naturally, she is gifted, but the judges conclude that she must drive herself harder. Her emotions also appear to come into play, and Luke ends up stopping her part-way into her song when he sees her struggling to sort out how the judges are reacting self-consciously. Doesn’t she know that suggesting you’re trying to “play it safe” in a singing competition is blasphemy? In this second album, she expresses even more depth in her voice and gives off a bit more focus. The judges will pass her on to the next round, but they will tell her to come to work readily.

AMERICAN IDOL is here tonight with the feelings. At the AMERICAN IDOL auditions, Calvin came hoping for a second chance in life. He’s been in jail for some time and tries to change the direction his life has taken, not only for him but also for his young son. To him, Calvin needs to be a good example. His audition, practically speaking, is a little all over the place, but something is engaging and emotional there. The judges know that Hollywood week will help someone like Calvin, and they are more than willing to hand a ticket over. Lionel tells him that it would be “the experience of a lifetime,” American Idol Winner and Host & Judges in 2021.

Who is this girl, and can we send her through to the semi-finals automatically? Casey admits she’s never acted in her bathroom outside of performing, so it’s surprising when she opens her mouth and begins belting out a MötleyCrüe tune. For someone with seemingly little experience, she has too much authority and complexity. Casey also dabbles in jazz besides enjoying rock music, so the judges challenge her to hear her sing something from the genre. She goes for the version of “My Funny Valentine” by Sarah Vaughan and somehow sounds much better than she did with the rock hit. In this album, the complexities show off what she can do. Luke compares it to the surprise and enthusiasm which came from the audition of Alejandro Aranda.

For someone who belongs to himself as “a walking empanada.” Still, I was genuinely shocked when Lionel and Luke gave Yurisbel the go-ahead for Hollywood Week. And it’s a nice moment for him. He sure carries the crowd, and Luke Bryan gets up and dances. And then dance down to the stage. At this point, this show has gone off the rails. Katy says she thinks “it’s fun, but [she doesn’t] think anyone would ever trust [her] again” yes, “yes.” The boys don’t seem to have that issue. AMERICAN IDOL The dance they want to introduce to Hollywood Week.

Chayce looks like a shoo-in to lead this show pretty far (Katy declares him “Top 5”). He’s a forklift driver. Lately, he’s had some dark moments, and it was his family that pushed him to gamble and audition for himself. He’s got a big rasp in his voice, and he reaches you with the emotion of the song automatically without even trying. In the first paragraph, Luke Bryan is clapping; he’s so thrilled. Afterward, he advises Chayce to perform throughout the whole song to keep the crowd emotionally invested, but otherwise, he’s in. Lionel likes how incredible Chayce is. Without delay, he would get three “yes” votes.

Cassandra performs a lot for her social media fans, but it’s something new and scary to sing to an audience face-to-face. However, like Casey, once she starts singing, you’d never know it. Lionel informs Cassandra that her voice is “about as angelic as it’s going to get,” and Luke likes her performance’s naturalness. It was quick to hear because it’s not something anyone who walks on the Idol Oval receives from them. They ask Cassandra if she’s an artist, too, and she says she’s a mediocre, self-taught pianist, but then she sits on the piano and crushes the OneRepublic easily.

Willie!-Willie! Not that long ago, Willie had a health scare and is working on being better for himself. He’s been working on other priorities since then, too: going for a singing career. He’s almost in tears when he tells the judges that he doesn’t “see [himself [being anything but a singer.” The guy has a strong, crystal clear voice, and he nails this Rihanna song. American Idol Winner and Host & Judges in 2021. Luke says he never wanted an end to the performance; he loved it too much. Lionel informs Willie that from the first note, he had chills and was fascinated by his phrasing decisions.