Three Florida Teachers Have Died Due to Emphysema

Three Florida teachers have died due to emphysema, The Palm Beach Post reports that three Florida teachers have died this month. What a horrible tragedy it is for such a fine family. The news report indicates that they all died due to heart failure and others had a cardiac arrest.

This comes at a time when teachers are really worried about budget cuts across the board. Not just in Florida, but all around the country. So, why is this happening? Why have the “big government” and labor unions gotten so opposed to vouchers and charter schools? Well, they want their slice of the cake even if it stinks for the rest of us.

In Florida, teachers union bosses are blaming the state for the deaths of three educators who were really good at what they did. One of them was a wonderful public school teacher in Palm Beach Gardens, who loved her job. Another one of those lost was a high school teacher in Lake Mary, who specialized in special education.

He taught students with learning difficulties, including autism and dyslexia. He also had a difficult life because he was born with a disability. How ironic that this individual committed suicide right in front of his four children. He leaves behind a wife and two young boys. His parents were not able to attend the service because they are disabled too.

The Palm Beach Post reports that other Palm Beach County teachers took to the picket line to represent their fallen colleagues. It appears they didn’t get the message that their colleagues are suffering as much as they are. How can we prevent this kind of thing from happening again? We can only pray that the next time a situation like this arises, the three Florida teachers do not take their own lives.

It is good to know that there are organizations such as Teachers for a Better Classroom and Mothers for Effective Teaching which are trying to do something about this crisis.

However, Florida is not a state that has a lot of power in terms of making our classrooms safer for our children. There is very little that politicians can do because they are rarely elected. As a result, we have to take care of our own self.

Have Died Due to Emphysema

The first step that we should take is to identify problems in our classroom and then find a solution. This is much harder than it seems. Three Florida teachers have died due to emphysema.

A teacher who knows that she is capable of doing more than just standing in front of a class will usually find a way to make changes so that she can contribute something meaningful to her students. Sometimes, all it takes is some new ideas. Other times, it will require some professional help.

In addition, teachers need to look at their own families. It is so easy for an emotionally disturbed family to isolate its members and deny them any real connection with each other. Sometimes the disconnect can lead to dangerous behavior by both the family members and the teachers.

By being aware of the potential dangers ahead of time, we can spend our time saving the lives of our children instead of risking them by ignoring these potential teachers’ fatalities.

The third most common reason that three Florida teachers have died of inhalation is due to toxic fumes. In many cases, this occurs when teachers are working in a wooded area where toxins from sawdust or wood chips are prevalent. Although there is no legal definition for the amount of “toxic fumes” that can be present in a school environment, it has been found that the longer these teachers spend working in such a polluted area, the greater the danger they are of inhaling poisons. Although many of the toxins come from an outside source, they may also be produced within the school itself.

In order to protect their own health, teachers should make sure that they keep their offices as clean as possible. This means that every floor and every corner should be swept and vacuumed on a regular basis. They should also wear a face mask when sweeping and vacuuming. They should always carry a clean water bottle to refill whenever it runs out of water.

These are all ways that Florida teachers can protect themselves from deadly diseases like emphysema and cancer. It is also a good idea for teachers to teach other students about their own health problems so that they will be aware if they encounter any problems themselves. It is important for teachers to make sure that they get the immunization shots for flu and pneumonia before they start working in a new school. Finally, they should make sure that they use a vaporizer or air purifier when in the classroom.