ChatGPT-manufactured memecoin Turbo surges 2,000% in 3 months 

Turbo, a memecoin created using ChatGPT, now boasts a market capitalization exceeding $600 million.

Digital artist Rhett Mankind, the creator of TURBO, developed the coin with the assistance of GPT-4 and a modest budget of only $69. The memecoin is fully decentralized, with Mankind having no involvement in its operations.

“Everything I’ve done is to try and just make it decentralized. So I’m not in control,” Mankind explained. “And I think that’s where the beauty of this came from. It sort of blew up because I’m not running things.”

Mankind used AI to draft the Turbo community’s tokenomics, whitepaper, and smart contract code.

Turbo’s Surge Turbo has experienced a remarkable surge of over 2,000% in the past three months, elevating its market capitalization to over $600 million. This rapid growth is among the most significant seen by a meme coin in such a short period, coinciding with growing interest in AI-based projects within the crypto community.

AI-powered platforms utilize advanced algorithms for market predictions and create autonomous agent networks. AI tools like GPT-4 enhance smart contract development, ensuring increased security and efficiency in blockchain applications. Mankind demonstrated AI’s utility in creating the Turbo ecosystem, effectively establishing a community without direct oversight.

According to CoinMarketCap, Turbo has surged over 550% in the last seven days and is currently priced at $0.008492. The token is listed on more than 30 crypto exchanges, including OKX,, Bitpanda, and Bitget.