IKEA wants to pay real people to work in its new store inside Roblox game

IKEA is introducing a unique twist to remote work by seeking 10 real-life employees to staff its virtual store on Roblox, launching on June 24. This makes IKEA the first brand to offer paid positions on the gaming platform.

“This is not the typical IKEA job,” the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant stated in the job listing for its Roblox outlet, called “The Co-Worker Game.” In a statement, IKEA described this move as its “first foray into mainstream gaming,” saying “The Co-Worker Game” will allow people to “immerse themselves in the working world” of the store.

The job posting encourages applicants to consider how they would feel about being represented as pixels and how they would handle a shortage of pixelated hotdogs. It also asks, “If you were a piece of pixelated IKEA furniture, which one would you be and why?”

Candidates, who must be 18 or older and reside in the United Kingdom or Ireland, will work in various sections of the virtual store, assisting customers with furniture selection and serving digital meatballs. The position pays £13.15 ($16.82) per hour, matching the rate of real-life IKEA employees in London and comparable to US IKEA workers’ salaries, significantly above the US federal minimum wage.

Employees will collaborate with unpaid Roblox players, who will have the opportunity to serve customers, explore different showrooms, get promoted, and use IKEA products to organize their virtual spaces. Roblox, a US-based gaming platform, allows users to play and create user-generated games while also functioning as a social network. It has seen a surge in popularity, especially among US youth aged 12 to 17.

IKEA joins other brands like Walmart in entering the virtual world. Walmart created a Roblox store where users can purchase physical items and have them delivered.

It is unclear whether customers can buy real IKEA products through the game. CNN has reached out to IKEA for clarification.

The unusual job listing quickly went viral on social media. Users on X posted memes expressing disappointment at not getting an interview, while American TikTok users shared videos preparing for the possibility that IKEA might extend the job opportunity to the United States.