Easy beginners’ guide to diamond shapes

Looking for the perfect engagement or wedding diamond shapes ring has to be the most exciting yet daunting task. With so many cuts and shapes, you have an endless array to choose from, all coming with their own unique sparkles to help you look your best. So whether it’s for a wedding or you just want to reward yourself with a shiny lab-created diamond UK, we have some details that could help you out!

The classic round brilliant

This has to be the most sought-after cut with its timeless and elegant appearance. As its name states, it has an exceptional brilliance, perfect for someone who loves their sparkles. You have the ease of pairing this with any accessory as it is versatile. Although its popularity makes it all the more expensive, you can find the best lab-grown diamonds in this shape for affordable prices.

Fancy cuts

Oval cut

Oval-cut diamonds are classy and have a mature image, making your fingers appear longer. They go well with smaller round diamonds or more oval diamonds, making it look cohesive and pretty.

Marquise cut

A marquise-cut with its pointed ends has a similar effect as the oval diamond, but the sharpness makes it look more refined. They are usually protected at the corners to prevent chipping.

Pear shaped

Once again, this cut provides an attractive, elongating effect to your hands, while adding a feminine flair. They have the benefit of appearing large as well so if that is your thing, this may just be the one for you!

Princess cut

As the name suggests, this cut offers a youthful, but no less elegant addition to your attire. These are dazzling and sure to steal the spotlight!


Another youthful choice is great to express your fun-loving personality. You can go the extra mile and include colors such as pinks and reds with other gemstones or even colored lab-created diamonds the UK.

Trillion cut

This one is a rarer choice, but it is just as exquisite. A triangular shape with typically 50 facets, it will definitely appeal to someone looking for an over-the-top gorgeous jewel.

All that is left for you to do is to go for the one that calls out to your heart the most and lets you express your own style!