Incredible lighting Designs to Light up Your Outdoor Decoration

Outdoor decoration is an important aspect of your home that is often neglected. Your outdoor recreational area, be it a deck, or a patio, deserves equal attention as much as your indoor decor. And a perfectly lit and aptly decorated outdoor area accentuates the energy of your humble abode as well as makes it complete. Now, perfect illumination in outdoor settings can be quite tricky since you have to highlight most of the influential elements of the decor and at the same time it’s best to not keep the lighting fixtures too loud.

You don’t have to worry about getting the outdoor lighting right as we bring the finest lighting fixtures from The White Teak Company that will also lend an opulent touch to your favorite outdoor setting. Let’s get started with our recommendations, and you can take your pick…

Setting the Ambiance Right with a Subtle Chandelier or Pendant Light

Chandeliers are a boon when it comes to decorating an outdoor setting. They not only offer the right ambiance to the place but also help set the tone for the place. Now take a look at the chandeliers that will bring out the best in your outdoor setting. Our foremost recommendation is this beautiful piece called Written in the Stars. Not too grand and not too subtle, this piece sets the right tone for the place. Not a big fan of chandeliers, and you want a little contemporary edge to your outdoor decor, then go for this uber-cool pendant light, Slay the Summer.

Adding a Little Functional Lighting to the Space

You definitely have to up the functionality quotient in your outdoor space to perform a number of tasks like office work, cookout, or if you want to turn the area into an entertainment corner for the night. Now, for a space like that, a table lamp and a wall light are bound to the job. Outdoor decoration makes your event or function more memorable. We recommend a minimalist yet grand table lamp to start with, Soul Simple. Bright enough to light up and energize any desolate corner, this piece is a perfect addition to your outdoor setting. When it comes to wall light, we recommend this striking piece called Addiction, which comes with a smart LED wall light and it can get as charged up and as somber as you want it to be. 

Adding Accent Lights to Create Focal Points in the area

If you want to boast a spot with a piece of decor, a piece of art, or anything else, then it is suggested that you highlight that space with accent lighting. Now, to get the perfect accent lighting, we recommend going with one of our bestselling outdoor lights, Vasto. This can get you the right attention you need and also complement the atmosphere. If an outdoor light isn’t enough for your space, then go with Artistic, one of our best ceiling lights from the collection.

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