Pillows make our life easy

Pillows make our life easy That’s a huge difference if you haven’t tried any. They make sleeping so much more comfortable and they do the same thing for your back. Well, as we are running out of money and taking care of all the problems that we have at home (and we also live in a foreign country) I decided that we would just buy our pillows and we could buy them in Dubai. Anyway, I thought that there was only one shop where I would be able to buy a good pillow for Rami (and for that price).

I found one in one of the hypermarkets. It was here that I found out that they do not sell the pillows all year long in every store in the hypermarket.

They only sell them in December and then they change them in February.

Now, that is why I was lucky to find this dakimakura shop.

We went there yesterday and I bought the pillow with the largest size they have.

I bought it because, by the way, I was able to get it for $35 from an online seller and it was more expensive from that hypermarket.

After that, I went to one of the “big” grocery stores that I am very familiar with. I like this one because they sell “hard-to-find” products like their snacks.

This is one of my favorite places.

They are almost always nice and they always have a good selection.

Yesterday, I bought all of the products that I needed and all the others that I needed for the Christmas party and New Year’s Eve.

That was a great help to me because I will never be able to reach these items at the hypermarket. After all, there would be other people taking them there, too. I have also been to one of the fast-food chains (McDonald’s) where I had dinner with my family.

One of my nephews was tired so he went back home before the others so he could sleep (it’s always that way, no?). I just went to the most important thing that I have to do.

I got Rami’s medicine.

Yay!! The pillows are waiting for me.

Rami is already lying down to take a nap. Well, we are still waiting for the doctor to call us, and then I will talk to him about his new prescription and I will be taking him to the Pharmacy.

I need to get the pillows that I need, but the place where I was going to find them only sells them in December.

I guess I will be going back to that “big” grocery store. In the meanwhile, let’s hope that the doctor call Posted by

Now, I am back home.

Pillows make our life easy

I was a very good patient (at least most of the time) and I tried to do everything that the doctor told me to do.

In the end, I got the right medicine for the pain (except for one night).

My husband even took me to a supermarket where we bought me two pillows (of course, he had to pay for the pillows, too) and we bought them at that supermarket.

They were here, just like that.

I love that supermarket.

They are good to us and they have the best prices. Rami got more sleep (during the night), too (he didn’t have to use any of the drugs, at least for the first night).

He didn’t use the morphine either. The funny thing is that we never thought that we would need to buy his medicine in the supermarket.

We have to be very aware of every single item that he is taking.

You never know when he is going to lose control of his body or when he is going to hurt himself (because of his coughing). I still don’t have the answers to a lot of questions, though.

I know that it could have been worse, but, well, we were scared. Now, I have to call the doctor and I have to find out what I have to do when Rami takes the new medicine.\

Pillows make our life easy

For that, I will need to know when he needs to take his medicine.

I guess I will be calling the doctor very soon. I have to call my sister as well (but that will wait until tomorrow).

When she heard that Rami had the “surgery”, she asked me what would have happened if we had come to the Netherlands for the “surgery”.

She and my husband were scared because they thought that he would have to stay there.

Of course, we told them that it would not have been that way, but I still have to call them. It’s a new year and I wish that we can take a nice holiday.

Maybe we will be able to take a couple of days to visit my friends.

It will be nice because they can show us around their new place, and they can tell us where the nice restaurants and the good beach are.

I have been wanting to go to the beach for a long time.

I am very eager to go. Have a nice night.