Types of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a comprehensive promotion of goods and services using digital technologies covering online and offline audiences. According to Demand Metric research, content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing types of digital marketing, but at the same time, it generates 3 times more customers. Users are becoming more finicky. It is more difficult to interest them and convince them to buy something. Traditional advertising approaches no longer work, and spam messages are so annoying that they only annoy. Therefore, to not fly out of the market and bypass competitors, you need to quickly adapt to the audience and follow current types of digital marketing.

The correct use of trends gives you a competitive edge, sales, and brand awareness. Use these techniques to improve your trading strategy.

Quality content marketing is still doing well in 2021. Almost all large companies have their blogs, sharing helpful and relevant information, showing expertise in their chosen niche. This increases user confidence and increases brand awareness.

Blog readers are potential customersIt is easier to warm up such an audience because people are more likely to buy goods from a company whose blog he regularly reads than from an unknown company.

For example, before buying tickets, travelers are interested in the peculiarities of the country they are going to, the rules for applying for visas, the cost of living, and exciting places. Travel companies publish helpful articles on their blogs and generate additional organic traffic that converts well into leads.

Users don’t like to wait long for answers to questions. Previously, chatbots and quick customer consultation in instant messengers were seen as an additional advantage, but today it is a common and even a prerequisite for sales.

Until 2020, there was a classic influencer in Types of digital marketing, including when firms tried to get ads from famous bloggers with a million audience. However, despite the considerable reach of ad recordings, the results were not always positive, as there was no real hit in the target audience.

In 2021, traditional influencer marketing was replaced by micro-influencer when purchased ads from bloggers with a small audience in the range of 10,000 – 100,000 subscribers. The channels of a narrow topic are selected, corresponding to the promoted product. As a result, the conversion is higher with less reach and financial costs.

It is easier and more effective to advertise a book in book-themed communities, and a blogger better serves diapers about childbirth and baby care.  It is much more effective to buy advertising in 20-30 small thematic communities than one millionaire blogger with a diverse audience.

User interest in interactive content began to grow in 2016 when the first online quizzes and other similar projects appeared on the network. Such content is attractive because users can actively interact with it and not just read and watch.

 Types of Digital Marketing Interactive Content

  • Quizzes and quizzes;
  • Tests and online surveys;
  • Simple games;
  • Slide show;
  • Constructors;
  • Timelines.
  • Grabbing the user’s attention;
  • Higher level of interaction with the client;
  • Increasing brand loyalty;
  • Increase in conversions.

Interactive elements can be embedded in almost any way. For example, the German advertising agency Jung Von Matt and the 13th Street channel released an unusual horror trailer, which was shown in theaters before the show of the main film.

Before entering the hall, people were handed out flyers with unique codes. Those wishing to participate in the interactive had to send the code via SMS to a unique numberThen one viewer was randomly selected using a random number program.

A trailer was launched on the screen, in which the girl ran away from the maniac. At one point, she took the phone and called the viewer whose number was chosen at the checkpoints influencing the further development Types of digital marketing. The girl asked him questions and asked for help. What was happening on the screen depending on his answers.

The trailer attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers, thanks to which the company managed to become famous and earn more than one million dollars.

In the era of digital technologies, the user can access the Internet at any time and get answers to his questions. Voice search comes to the rescue Digital Marketing Certification in Copenhagen

Today, well-known brands have already begun to adapt their sites to this technology to get more customers.  

It is essential to use a unique experience in digital marketing – the overall customer experience of interacting with the company. In 2021, the competition in online marketing is increasing, and the trend is rapidly evolving.

 The Following Factors Influence the Customer Experience

  1. Consistency of the departments of the company. The problem should be solved where the person turned and not redirected to different specialists. Brand representatives must be present on all social networks and messengers.
  2. Quality of service. Suppose a person has to wait a long time for a product or service, communicate with incompetent employees, face rudeness or importunity. In that case, he is unlikely to return to such a company.
  • NPS – consumer loyalty index. It is calculated using a survey about whether the user is ready to recommend the company to friends and family;
  • CSAT is a measure of satisfaction. The survey is carried out after the transaction is completed or after contacting technical support;
  • CES is a measure of the effort of a customer to buy a product or receive a service. The survey is carried out after a person made an order to determine how difficult it was for him to perform the necessary actions.

Metrics are needed to optimize the further work of the company. Without them, it is challenging to build a long-term trading strategy since the quality of service is the most critical factor that people pay attention to. Some more Types of digital marketing :

Essential customer marketing refers to concentrating a company’s core efforts on people more likely to buy a product.

One way to create such a user base is to send out small gifts and promotional offers. They collected the contacts of a hundred people who might be interested in their services and then sent them a message.  

The number of companies using video for marketing purposes is growing every year. If in 2017 the indicator reached only 67%, then in 2021, it is already 86%, which is not the limit.

Videos increase customer loyalty and help promote your brand. Today, not everyone is ready to read long texts, so video content is rapidly gaining momentum. The average user spends about 18 hours a week watching videos on the Internet. When adding a video to an email newsletter, the number of clicks increases by 250-300%.

  • Training (explainers);
  • Entertainment for social networks;
  • Presentation for product demonstration;
  • Selling.

Everything changes very quickly in the Types of digital marketing, so you need to follow the trends and skillfully adapt them to your company.