Sunday Rose Kidman Urban – Biography

Today we are going to talk about starting daughter Sunday rose Kidman urban. She is the daughter of Nicole and Keith Kidman urban. Her parents are very famous, and everyone knows them, we will talk about their personal and professional and their net worth. His father, mother, and family are reputed and have a name in industry.

Here are a few facts about Sunday rose.

  • Full Name: Sunday Rose Kidman Urban
  • Birth Date: June 7, 2008
  • Age:13 years
  • Gender: Female 

Sunday rose Kidman urban is the daughter of record producer and Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman.

 Sunday Rose is Sister of Faith

 Sunday rose Kidman urban was born in 2008 on July 7. She lives in Nashville, United States of America, Tennessee. Now she is 13 years old, and her zodiac sign is cancer. Sunday is the sister of faith, Margaret Kidman urban. She is the daughter of Nicole urban and Keith Kidman.

 Her uncle Nicole’s brother Antony suggested the name Sunday. She gave a name to his niece after a great lady, Sunday reed. She was a great enthusiast in Australia.

 He thought it a great name to give women, and he liked it very much. He suggested the name Sunday to his parents, Nicole Kidman and Keith Kidman. They provide a Nike name to her daughter, “sunny.”

 Anthony and his wife suggested this name to Nicole urban and Keith Kidman. Sunday represents white ethnicity. It is a national holiday and America.

 Antony Kidman, Janelle Ann Kidman, & Marienne Urban, Bob Urban are grandparents of Sunday rose Kidman urban.

 Her uncle and aunty’s name is Shane urban and Antonia Kidman.

Lucia Hawley, Hamish Hawley, Sybella Hawley, & James Hawley are cousins of Sunday and faith.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban is a kid yet, so we have nothing to talk about relationships. She is yet a school-going girl. Her parents got married in 2006. They met at G’Day LA in January 2005 that organized as honoring Australians. They were not reported dating each other after 6 months. After one year, they got married in 2006.

 On June 5, 2006, Nicole and Keith married on the grounds of St Patrick’s Estate, Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel in the Manly, in Sydney. On January 7, 2008, Nicole Kidman urban said that they are excepting their first child. Publicist Kidman said, “couple is too excited and can not wait.” in 2008, Kidman gave birth to a daughter in Nashville, Tennessee.

 Afterward, in 2010, Urban and Kidman had a second daughter, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, at Nashville’s Centennial Women’s Hospital.

 Her father earned a tremendous amount of money that was called his earning. Like his father, Keith Kidman is a country singer and county songwriter, and he makes massive money. Therefore Sunday rose Kidman urban father has a net worth of $75 million. His salary is $5millions. 

On the other hand, mother Nicole Kidman is a highly paid performer. She is an Australian actress and has a net worth of $130 million. As his father is massively wealthy and earning a handsome amount.

 Indeed, Sunday rose Kidman urban is living a very luxurious life. We also can say that she will follow in her parent’s footsteps and will join the film industry.

 She is not starting his career and not coming in films and television serials. She is a young girl, 13 years old, and goings to school. Likewise, she is a cute girl, and she will earn a reputation in the film industry. As we talk, Sunday Rose Kidman’s urban parents. She is a fortunate girl. She was born into a famous family, and she also got famous at an earlier age due to start parents. Her father is a songwriter and country singer. He is a renowned singer, and millions of people love him. He had 15 # 1 singles songs and received four Grammy Awards. Not only that, but he got success from his album “Keith Urban,” which was loved by the public, and he became more popular. His name, a labeled album, recorded four singles and many decades in Australia. After that, he thought of starting a session guitarist and moving to America. He found a band and gave it the name “Ranch.” his 15 singles made him the country chart. His fourteen charts become number one.

  • Sunday rose Kidman urban mother is an Australian actress, and her name is Keith Kidman.  
  • She started her career on Australian television, but in 1989 she took a start from the thrilling film Thrill thriller Dead Calm and rarely looked back. 
  • Nicole Kidman worked consistently in the 1990s and appeared in Days of Thunder, My Life, To Die For, Far and Away.

 And Eyes Wide Shut.

  • Her parents are successful and working continuously. Her mother has a name in the television and film industry. They are creating a bright and luxurious future for kids.
  • Nicole Kidman doing many upcoming other films, The Human Stain, including Dogville
  •  Cold Mountain, The Interpreter
  • The Stepford Wives, Childbirth, The Witch, The Invasion, Margot at the Wedding, The Golden Compass, Australia, The Paper Boy
  •  Nine, Rabbit Hole, Join in, Trespass, Stoker, The Railway Man, The Family Fang
  •  The grace of Monaco, Paddington, Before I Go to Sleep
  •  Stranger, Secret in Her Eyes, Genius
  • Queen of the Desert, Leo, How to Partying with girls speaks, killing a sacred stag, the seduced and the head.

As we talk about Sunday, rose Kidman urban is 13 years old and the daughter of a start couple Nicole and Keith Kidman. Her parents are famous and earn massive money. Their fans excepting that their daughter also follows the step feels of parents and deserves a name in the film industry. Sunday’s father is a country, it may be she will become a singer. Is she younger, we can have estimates.